Jeremy Williams-Chalmers, Arts Correspondent

Singles Of The Week: 13 March 2020

In a week where bands are having to cancel international appearances, it has to be revealed that Coronavirus can not stop the earworm... As a result, here is our rundown of this week's new singles...

SINGLE OF THE WEEK: NIMMO - Do I Have To Learn It? Rating: 5/5

Electro duo NIMMO deserve to be rewarded with epic arena style success. They boast distinctive vocals, epic beats and a stunning retro feel. Do I Have To Learn It? is no exception to that rule. This is a truly stunning slice of musical heaven.

Janet Devlin - Away With The Fairies Rating: 4/5

Janet Devlin has had a very interesting post-X Factor experience. A divisive contestant, some fell for her tender, tentative vocal delivery, while others just found her grating. However, in the aftermath, she proved her musical worth on the stunning debut album, Running With Scissors. However, away from the public eye, she was dealing with a personal battle. Having been thrust into the spotlight, the highs and lows of public life saw her fall into a battle against alcoholism. Having returned to music this year with a run of stunningly personal singles, her latest, Away With The Fairies, is the finest cut from her freshly released EP.

Little Big - Uno Rating: 3/5

Russia have finally unveiled their entry for Eurovision 2020, making them the last competitors to make the big reveal. With echoes of Aqua, this is pop cheese at it's finest. While Aqua felt fresh in the time of bubblegum pop, Little Big feel dated without the nostalgic appeal. Yet this will do well in the competition and there is zero doubt that if this gets on the radio, it will be a huge hit.

Shaima - Green Eyes Rating: 4/5

West-Londoner Shaima might cite MIA and Lata Mangeshkar as key influences, but the lead single from her debut EP, Unveiled, sees her channelling Kylie. Boasting a stunning vocal and slick production, Shaima has a heck of a lot of potential. This deserves Radio 1's attention.

Ava Max - Kings and Queens Rating: 3/5

Had Ava Max appeared on the musical landscape a decade ago, she would have been bigger than Gaga. However, in an age of social media popstars, she appears to have built a fanbase but failed to secure the radio support for her solid pop releases. Kings and Queens isn't quite as strong as Salt or So Am I, but it is still a strong pop song.

Rita Ora - How To Be Lonely Rating: 4/5

Phoenix saw Rita Ora finally receive the recognition she deserves. Having initially caught public attention in her attempt to represent the UK at Eurovision, she struggled to really define a sound that was hers. Phoenix achieved that. How To Be Lonely builds on it in a faultless manner.