Opera North is seeking applications from music creators from the Global Majority working in any genre for its next Resonance residency programme.

Going Down Memory Lane With 90s Baby

In a short time, 90s Baby has come a long way. Launched initially as a one-day event at Manchester's AO Arena, their debut event proved a huge hit despite Aqua pulling out of the headliner slot at the last minute.

Pirouetting With Frank Turner

When seeing bands, my general rule is to try, if at all possible, to see them in smaller venues, which are the lifeblood of the live music scene.

Albums: Lava La Rue’s Starface

. In the wrong hands, it could turn into a bad secondary school project; in the right hands, it could be transformed into a stunning collection that changes perceptions and challenges thought processes. Lava La Rue’s Starface takes that concept, but does it deliver? The huge risk Lava La Rue takes on this debut album pays off.

Albums: OneRepublic - Artificial Paradise

The new album, led by Ryan Tedder, who composes the majority of their songs, showcases his knack for writing memorable pop songs that are comforting and, in some ways, reflective

Albums: Mr Big - Ten

If this is to be Mr Big’s final album, then what a fine departure this is.

Classical Music: Mozart Piano Concertos Vol 13

It was such an enjoyable project to review that I will miss the anticipation of waiting for the next instalment. It has also been revelatory to read about and hear how Robert Levin has approached this project. 

Albums: Liszt: Metamorphosis

The programme continues with a repertoire that showcases Hu’s adept technical skill at control and poetic interpretation in delivering a recital of different textures that sparkles with vivacity and, at the same time, can be expressive in the details.

Albums: Glass Animals I Love You So F***ing Much

The impact of one single is huge. Now armed with a Grammy nomination for Best Newcomer (they lost out to Olivia Rodrigo) and two Brit Award nominations, they are ready to build from 2020’s Dreamland into their fourth studio album, I Love You So F***ing Much. Arriving at the release from a far more privileged position than their third studio album, the pressure is on to achieve their first ever #1 charting album.

Albums: AR/CO Origin Stories

AR/CO Origin Stories Night Feels; Cherry Lips; Boys Like Girls; Call Me By My Name; MOVE; All Over The World Label: Helix Records Pitched at MGMT meets Daft Punk, AR/CO have finally arrived at the release of their debut EP, Origin Stories. The duo, born during lockdown, is a psychedelic fusion of musical minds.

Albums: OneRepublic Artificial Paradise.

What about the album itself? Having slowly veered away from their rockier sound on recent releases, it is fair to say that OneRepublic have entered the fully fledged pop realm with their sixth studio album. And while it is brimming with feel-good anthems, there are a few issues along the way.

Albums: Eminem The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grâce)

With the album's title referencing his former alter ego, it is no surprise that some of the soundscape takes its lead from his back catalogue. With echoes of 2004's Encore prominent, Eminem manages to take his former sound and make it feel contemporary. This is an artist who knows who he is and what he stands for.

Albums: Travis L. A. Times

L.A. Times fits the aforementioned pattern. Travis knows what his fans want and expect. L.A. Times delivers this effortlessly. But in equal measure, there are new dimensions added to the mix that transport them away from their signature sound and make this a truly unique listening experience once again.

Concert By Candlelight: Apollo5 At The Harrogate Music Festival

Thursday’s Concert by Candlelight at Harrogate’s St Wilfrid’s Church was the latest in a long-running series of performances given by nationally and internationally renowned choirs as part of the Music Festival’s summer programme.

Albums: Marc Almond I'm Not Anyone

Entitled I'm Not Anyone, the album has a wide array of artists covered. Johnny Rivers and Mahalia Jackson complement the reworked classics by Neil Diamond, Colin Blunstone, Bob Lind, and King Crimson.

Suede And The Manic Street Preachers In Manchester

When it was announced that Suede and the Manic Street Preachers would be embarking on a joint headline tour, I was beyond excited—two of my favourite bands on the same gig. I made sure that I got a ticket for the Manics' headlining date, so I made my way in the drizzle to Manchester and Castlefield Bowl.

Albums: Griff Vertigo

All the while, she was building her presence on the live circuit, with support slots for Dua Lipa, Coldplay, and Ed Sheeran raising her reach and profile. An impressive collaboration with Sigrid in 2022 propelled her further into the spotlight, building into the lead single and title track from her debut album, Vertigo, a year later.

Albums: Megan Moroney Am I Okay?

Within a year, she had released her debut single before issuing her debut EP, Pistol Made of Roses. After capturing the interest of the music industry, she collaborated with Bush on her next single, Tennessee Orange, and everything else seemed to fall into place.

Albums: Cat Burns early twenties

For an artist whose career has been propelled into the public eye via Tik Tok, Burns is not an artist that merely designs soundbites. She sings from her heart, taking the personal and making it truly universal.

Classical Music: Meyerbeer: Le Prophète

Palazzetto Bru Zane staged the production, and the notes remind us that the coronation scene, in particular, calls for several choruses, including a children's chorus, situated on stage and in the wings, along with a saxhorn fanfare and an organ. It also included the first ever use of Léon Foucault and Jules Duboscq's electric arc light on stage, aping the effect of sunlight.

Classical Music: Rooted: Smetana, Suk, Martin, Coleridge-Taylor

The Neave Trio radiates perfect unity, effortlessly and gracefully conveying the bohemian rhythmic and melodic elements that earned him the title of father of Czech music in his native Bohemia. The final movement, featuring its melancholic funeral march, captivates listeners, and this album is worth owning solely for Neave's rendition of this particular piece.

Wonderfall: Northern Music Scene Could Face Crisis As Research Reveals A Drop In Musicality In The Region

New research from Youth Music has revealed that young people in the North of England are feeling less musical than their Southern counterparts, due to lack of support, funding and opportunities. Youth Music is calling on the government to ‘Root for Grassroots’ and commit to funding the next generation of music in the North of England

In Conversation with Braimah Kanneh-Mason

“As soon as I was old enough to understand what concerts and music making were all about, I wanted to be part of it and do it.” That’s what Braimah Kanneh-Mason tells me as we chat over zoom. He is in Antigua, where the talented violinist, that makes up one part of the Kanneh-Mason collective, is with his cellist brother Sheku.

Chatting With Vince Freeman

Vince Freeman is a country music songsmith who effortlessly bridges a multitude of genres. He is full of soul, has a rock n roll heart, and has a voice that sings the blues.

Mika Bouncing Around Warwick Castle

In the 17 years since he exploded into the charts around the world with the epic bounce-along anthem Grace Kelly, Mika has proved himself as one of the most versatile live performers on the circuit.

Albums: Kasabian Happenings

With their not-so-secret appearance at Glastonbury, they showcased their new material and how it marries nicely with their earlier indie dance leanings. Serge Pizzorno, now sole frontman and album writer/producer, demonstrated that he was more than capable of moving the band forward to even greater success than their blockier beginnings.

Albums: Staples Jr Singers - Searching

The album, which is part of a vanguard of gospel soul artists who broke from tradition, is worth your attention if you appreciate gospel music with a soulful edge.

Classical Music: Liszt

There is passion in his expressive playing, as he superbly captures the spirit of Liszt by observing the minutiae and bringing out the character of each piece, stimulating the senses.

Classical Music: I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes.

There are also the first recordings of Four Short Anthems’ by Paul Bryan, written for St John’s College School, Cambridge—beautiful miniatures suitable as introits. The second of the set Loving Shepherd shows off the lovely tone, as does Hildegard of Bingen's short composition.

Avril Lavigne, Castlefield Bowl, Manchester

Avril Lavigne proved at Glastonbury that punk pop is far from over. With 70,000 turning up to see her set, many questioned why she wasn’t selected for the Legends slot or the Pyramid Stage. Regardless, she gave Glastonbury a euphoric sing-along, which she is currently performing around the world as part of her Greatest Hits celebration.