Jeremy Williams-Chalmers, Arts Correspondent

Musical Motivation: Layke

In a world which thrives on labels and conforming to a set of picture-perfect standards, Layke (and her signature icy lavender hair) has created a limitless space through her ground-breaking music that defies societal norms. And now the dream pop songstress has completely catapulted into the ever-evolving pop realm, she’s ready to speak openly to help others find their voice and for the universe to take note. On 28th August she released the second single ‘Tonight Can’t Be The Last Time’ from her forthcoming EP ‘Frequency’. We caught up with her to find out what songs make her...


For Once In My Life by Stevie Wonder

Ever since I was a child whenever I hear this song it just sets my mood straight and makes me so happy. The melody and the music just everything about it feels magical and light and happy. It’s joyous. I mean it’s Stevie so how could it not be.


Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie

This is one of my all-time favorite songs ever. I would say it’s in my top three if not my number one. The lyrics and the message are so powerful and they still stand today. And Freddie Mercury is in my opinion one of the greatest artists and performers that ever lived. This is a powerful song.


Walk Away by Christina Aguilera

This entire album is incredible but this song every time it comes on it makes me so emotional. And I think it’s something everyone can relate to. Because the song is about an emotionally abusive relationship that she can’t walk away from even though she knows she should. And I think everybody’s been there on one level or another when it comes to love.


We Need To Talk by Tayla Parx

This song is great. It’s about needing to have a conversation with someone you’re involved with and they’re kind of giving you the runaround and I love the way that she wrote it and how cheeky she is with the lyrics. That’s exactly how I would be and what I would be saying if somebody was pulling this on me. And we’ve all been there.

Want to work out

Heart to Break by Kim Petras

Kim is such a fabulous popstar. She’s everything that the Pop world needs now in my opinion. I love her whole catalog but this song I particularly love to work out to because the beat is perfect for keeping time during my workout in my circuits etc. and I love the lyrics! I love singing to it while I work out it’s really fun and it makes the time go by faster.


Together Again by Janet Jackson

This song takes me back to a very specific time in my life as a young little Layke. There is such a happiness and whimsical feeling to this song while also you can hear the sorrow because she lost someone and that’s what it’s about: remembering the good times with them but you can also feel the loss. And I relate to that. It definitely takes me back.


Rollin by Diana Gordon

This song is such a vibe. Between the beat which is amazing and just has such a great flow and her beautiful voice and fabulous melody it just takes me to a place where I just relax. It just makes me wanna vibe and chill I just love it.

Feel Determined

Clearest Blue by Chvrches

Chvrches is one of my favorite bands. I love all of their music. This song however always stands out to me because the way that it builds sonically with the melody and the lyrics and the instruments it really amps you up and motivates you. It feels bright and crisp and it takes you on a journey at the end where you feel like you want to get up and do something.


Forever Tonight by Kelechi

This song makes me want to get up and dance every time I hear it. Kelechi calls his genre “Romance Pop” I just think that’s so perfect for his sound and I just love it. His music puts a magic in the air.