Jeremy Williams-Chalmers, Arts Correspondent

Kylie Minogue - Disco

Kylie Minogue really doesn't need any introduction. The iconic Aussie pocket rocket first found a place in hearts around the world as the girl next door on Neighbours.

But Charlene is now a misty memory, and the innovative songstress has reinvented her sound faultlessly over the 33 years since the release of her debut single, 'Locomotion'. Having explored Country-Pop on her truly brilliant 2018 album Golden, lockdown and the period just prior saw Kylie reconnect with the sounds that shaped a large proportion of her formative listening experience. The result is Disco.

Having initially teased the release with 'Say Something', her strongest lead single since 'Slow' launched Body Language, it was immediately apparent that Kylie was about to deliver a bundle of joy in a very difficult year.

Following 'Say Something' with the effervescent 'Magic', and very singable 'I Love It', the strength of her campaign in the pre-release stage was undeniable. All that could have led to one huge disappointment.

As the 15th studio album in a career that hasn't seen a dud release to date, the pressure was on following the three epic teaser tracks to not ruin her stunning track record. And worry not, Disco is far from a dud. In fact, it is without doubt one of her finest albums ever.

There is no denying that 'Say Something' and 'Magic' are up there as album highlights, but joining them are the truly sensational 'Dance Floor Darling' and euphoric and addictive 'Last Chance'.

Disco takes a classic sounds and gives it a very special Kylie twist. Nostalgic, yet somehow still ahead of its time.