Jeremy Williams-Chalmers, Arts Correspondent

Interview With Eurovision Hopeful Emma Muscat

Maltese singer-songwriter Emma Muscat first rose to prominence on the Italian talent show, Amici di Maria De Filippi, where she made it all the way to the semi-finals. A record deal with Warner followed by the number 3 charting EP, Moments. Now her audience is set to extend even wider as she represents Malta with the stunning I Am What I Am at this year's Eurovision Song Contest in her second home, Italy.

We absolutely love I Am What I Am. Tell us a little about the process behind the scenes in creating the song?

This song was written by a Scandinavian team and the first time I listened to it I immediately fell in love with it. I found that I could relate so much to the meaning of the song and immediately started working to make it more personal for me. It is actually an anthem for self love and self acceptance. The message is strong and clear. Anyone who has had a struggle in life either being accepted by society, who has been mocked or excluded, must learn to first accept and love themselves for who they are. This is the moral of the song in which I truly believe. It applies to anyone from any background, race or gender.

If you had to file it between two other songs, what would they be and why...

If I had to choose two other songs, they would be Piu Di Te, which is one of my own original singles which talks about the strength that we find within ourselves, and Moments which is another original song written when I was 17 years old, and talks about the ups and downs that we encounter in life.

You are on countdown to Eurovision. How are preparations going?

It's been very hectic and exciting at the same time. Between all the necessary preparations, travelling to the pre-parties and numerous interviews these past weeks have flown by and I am now really looking forward to experiencing the atmosphere in Turin.

How are you finding the pre-parties?

The pre-parties have been incredible. The opportunity to meet other contestants and get to know about their cultures is great. The vibe at every party was immense and I felt touched at the warmth I felt from the audience in different countries. It was definitely just a taster of what performing at ESC is going to be like and I am so excited to conquer that stage!

You are getting to see your competition up close, who have you been getting along with best?

Everyone has been great other and it's been so much fun getting to know each other. I really got along well with Brooke, Ronela, Chanel & Ochman.

Who do you feel is your stiffest competition?

Me. My aim is always to improve myself on all levels.

What can we expect from your Turin performance?

My performance is going to be vibrant and powerful and I hope to leave an impact on the public.

What is your Eurovision ambition?

That my music reaches as many people as possible and can touch and help many souls.

We really hope there is more music coming soon. Have you got a follow up single ready?

Yes I do. My 2nd album titled I am Emma will be released on 13th May and will represent the various shades of me.

And lastly, aside from Eurovision, what other 2022 plans do you have?

My plans are to continue releasing music on an international level, to have my own concerts and to continue to pursue my singing career.