Jeremy Williams-Chalmers, Arts Correspondent

Duncan Laurence - Worlds On Fire

The last few years have seen The Netherlands send a flurry of stand-out acts to the Eurovision Song Contest with a seeming determination to win the competition. Having last won in 1975, they attempted victory with sensational entries from Anouk, Douwe Bob, The Common Linnets and O'G3NE, but though their results on the whole improved, they couldn't quite edge ahead of their competitors. All that changed last year when former The Voice of Holland contestant Duncan Laurence took the crown ahead of Italy's Mahmood with his stadium filling anthem Arcade.

A year later, just ahead of the scheduled date for the 2020 contest, Duncan finally reveals his debut EP, Worlds On Fire. A five track EP that is home to the still epic Arcade and his follow-up single, the equality hymn Love Don't Hate It alongside three new songs.

While the sentiment of Love Don't Hate It is perfectly placed, it is the EP's weakest moment. Given that it is a faultless radio hit and has won him a wave of new fans since its release, it is a testament to the strength of the five songs showcased that it is both a winning song and the EP's weakest cut. This is an EP which won't have you reaching for the fast forward button, but the repeat function.

With the record opening with Duncan's two most intimate songs to date, Beautiful and Yet, it is clear that while fame may have landed at his doorstep, he is still more focused on the personal. However, it is the truly epic Someone Else that steals the crown from his Eurovision winning song. A sensation from the moment it starts, your heart beat races as the emotional drama builds and you are compelled to sing along by the second chorus.

Duncan Laurence proves himself more than a worthy winner. His debut EP takes his sound and adds further depth.