Jeremy Williams-Chalmers, Arts Correspondent

Alice Jemima - Everything Changes

Devon's Alice Jemima is one of the pop world's unsung icons. Having debuted back in 2016 with the stunningly mimimal hooks of the Liquorice EP. her 2017 eponymous debut album effortlessly entered the hearts of her core audience. Boasting an unforgettable cover of No Diggity alongside the playful Dodged A Bullet and sensational So, Alice has spent the last couple of years honing her sound on the live circuit and building an even wider reach.

As she releases her sophomore album, Everything Changes, she notes that her life has changed dramatically since she wrote an recorded her debut. No longer living at home with her parents, her independence as an adult comes with extended periods spent on the road as a working musician.

This personal growth is echoed in her music, but the sound has not traveled the same distance as she has in her personal circumstances. With her sound still rooted in pop, the minimalist artist still knows how to write a killer hook and marry it flawlessly with her storytelling vocal.

With echoes of Jennie Abrahamson and Oh Wonder, Alice Jemima is an artist who would not be out of place on the 6Music playlist, but should also find a home on BBC Radio 1 and 2. Such a universal appeal is rare, but it is one that achieves without having to re-define her sense of self. If the understated earworm is not featured on a range of adverts and dominating the global playlists by the end of 2020, there will be little justice in this world.

Everything Changes might well be the record to catapult Alice Jemima into the mainstream consciousness. Then everything really will change.