Graham Clark, Music Features Writer

Albums: The Reytons - What’s Rock And Roll?

The Reytons - What’s Rock And Roll?
15 Minutes In The Algorithm;Istanbul; Avalanche; Love In Transaction; Little Bastards; Cash In Hand & Fake IDs; WMC; One More Reason; Monthly Subscription; Fading; A Fuck About; Univited


The north has a history of producing successful bands from a working-class background, think Oasis and Arctic Monkeys. In the last fifteen years there has not been one big band to break through with the same impact and influence of those two groups.

Rotherham band The Reytons, could be the group to follow in the footsteps of those illustrious acts if this riveting new album is anything to go by.

Having no music press to help bolster their career and little support from mainstream radio, The Reytons built their fanbase by touring solidly resulting in sold out gigs and success also aided by word of mouth.

That this, their second album has been released independently, makes you wonder why? The Reytons are playing to 12,000 fans at a headline concert at Sheffield arena next autumn, surely some big record company will sign up a group that is not just popular in the north but worldwide. The Reytons are touring Australia in the spring.

Although the band has progressed with a heavier sound on this album, the melodic choruses are still there - but so is the Arctic Monkeys influence. Whilst the new Monkeys' album tends to favour laid back lounge music The Reytons are waiting in the wings to pick up the mantle for making appealing indie guitar music as witnessed on this fine album.

15 Minutes In The Algorithm deals with the culture of instant fame in the era of TikTok and the like. You can see where point when mainstream success eludes them and social media stars become household names almost overnight.

Little Bastards is a tirade about broken homes set against a frantic beat that makes the song one of the best on the album.

Cash In Hand and Fake ID's has indie anthem written all over the song, set to become a live favourite; the change in tempo brings a new perspective to The Reytons.

The only downside to the album are the last two tracks which seen below par compared to the rest of What's Rock and Roll.

However, the end result is an affirmative take on what rock and roll sounds like in 2023.

The Reytons play Sheffield Arena on 30 September for more information, click here