Graham Clark, Features Writer

Twinnie Chats About Her New Track

Following the release of her debut album, Hollywood Gypsy, last year, Twinnie returns with her new single Dying Inside. The York born artist mixes country and pop music into one that has won her radio plays on Radio 2 for her previous singles.

What was the inspiration behind your new single Dying Inside?

It's about how we can all pretend that everything is alright when perhaps it's not the case. Some people are very good on putting on a front so where on the outside all appears fine but inside they might feel like they are dying.

The reactions I have received have been very good, the song appears to have resonated with the public.

In the past you have been acting as well as the
music, which do you prefer the most?

I have always done music, even when acting, in a way it all ties together but music and performing is something that you cannot beat. The energy of a live show is unique. I really missed being able to play live during the pandemic, I watched some live concerts on the internet but they were not the same as having an audience present.

Did you listen to country music when growing up?

I did as I grew up listening to pop and country music. I think that country music is so diverse from Dolly Parton to Kelsea Ballerini, there is a misconception in this country particularly that it is all about cowboys and tractors but of course that is not the case.

Songwriting for me was inspired by artists such as Carole King who cares about the songs she cares about her art.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

I have another EP out in June which will be accompanied by a short film called Welcome To The Club which has Mandip Gill from Doctor Who starring, we filmed it in Nashville and London. There will also be more live shows and I also want to concentrate on writing a new album.

Twinnie supports Tony Hadley at the following shows:

Sunday 22 May - York, Barbican
Wednesday 25 May - Newcastle City Hall
Thursday 26 May - Carlisle Sands Centre
Friday 27 May - Blackpool Opera House