Jeremy Williams-Chalmers, Arts Correspondent

Top 60 Albums Of 2022 - 40 To 21

Punk pop was revived wholeheartedly in 2022, while the infectious anthems have dominated TikTok. While some lead to one-hit wonders, others have lead to sensational albums. As we continue our Top 60 Albums of 2022, we see a few of the trending artists making an appearance as we hit 40-21...

40. Beth Orton – Weather Alive

A totally immersive listening experience.

39. Dolly Parton – Run, Rose, Run

Dolly never fails to deliver. We highly recommend the accompanying novel too!

38. Steps – Platinum Collection

Nobody ever predicted Steps would be cool, but they are, so just embrace it.

37. Foxes – The Kick

Bouncy brilliance.

36. Courtney Marie Andrews – Loose Future

A polished and assured change of direction.

35. Placebo – Never Let Me Go

Dark, deep renaissance rock.

34. Solid HarmoniE - Two

The 90s has been influencing the current pop trend, but this is a real slice of 90s pop.


Anthem followed by anthem.

32. Lissie – Carving Canyons

Feel-good reflection.

31. Fado Bicha – OCUPAÇÃO

Fado Bicha redefine the Portuguese sound without losing its essence.

30. Pierre de Maere – Un jour, je

Pierre is ready to breakout of Belgium.

29. Little Boots – Tomorrow’s Yesterdays

Epic earworms with real heart.

28. Pale Waves – Unwanted

Pale Waves edge into poppier terrain without losing the emotion.

27. Christine & The Queens – Redcar les Adorables Étoiles

Theatrical splendour.

26. Avril Lavigne – Love Sux

The punk pop princess finally reclaimed her crown.

25. Panic! At The Disco – Viva Las Vengeance

Panic! fully ditch the emo pop for riotous rock.

24. Bilal Hassani – Théorème

One of France’s most unique voices showcases vulnerability in their creativity.

23. Carly Rae Jepsen – The Loneliest Time

Emotionally fizzing pop perfection.

22. Soft Cell – Happiness Not Included

Optimistic electro drama.

21. Michelle Branch – The Trouble With Fever

Michelle Branch finally finds the balance between her Country leanings and her love of synths.

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