Jeremy Williams-Chalmers, Arts Correspondent

Top 60 Albums 2020: 50-41

50. Poli Genova - Твоя

Thinking outside of the pop box.

Highlights: Твоя, Perfect, How We End Up

49. Caveboy – Night In The Park, Kiss In The Dark

Playfully produced vocal blends.

Highlights: I Wonder, Lifetime, Landslide

48. Madame Monsieur – Tandem

Clever collaborations.

Highlights: Comme un voleur, Malavita

47. Sertab Erener – Ben Yaşarim

An artist enjoying their craft.

Highlights: Farzet, Sormaz

46. Ben Mazué - Paradis

Playful poeticism.

Highlights: Pas très original, Divin exil

45. Cepeda – Con Los Pies En El Suelo

An emotional journey.

Highlights: Con Los Pies En El Suelo, Pegadita, 2007

44. James Bourne – Safe Journey Home

Eclectic excellence.

Highlights: Everyone Is My Friend, Language

43. The Vamps – Cherry Blossom


Highlights: Chemicals, Part of Me

42. Annie – Dark Hearts

Pop with an extra edge.

Highlights: Dark Hearts, Corridors of Time

41.Hannah Grace – Remedy


Highlights: Healing Hands, Wasted Love, Praise You