1:00 AM 4th November 2023

The Ultimate Movie Watchlist To Get You In The Mood For Autumn 1

With a crisp chill to the air and darker nights upon us, there’s no better way to spend an Autumn evening than cosied up indoors with your pumpkin-spiced candles lit, a warm blanket and a fall film.

Whether you’re looking for an Oscar-winning classic, an autumnal romance, or something to get you in the mood for Halloween, the team at Betway have created a list of must-watch films.

1. When Harry Met Sally
This feel-good love story sees Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan embark on a car-sharing journey that will change their lives forever. Travelling from the University of Chicago to New York City, the pair develop a strong friendship based on honesty and truly knowing each other that develops into love.

From the autumnal wardrobe to shots of the pair walking amongst trees and the pavement adorned with orange and red leaves, this film will give you all the autumn feels.

2. Good Will Hunting
The autumnal film stars the famous duo, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, alongside Robin Williams, in this tale of personal growth and finding your way.

The story follows a troubled orphan who is a janitor at the university, solving impossible math problems after hours. After getting arrested, the self-taught genius is allowed out of jail on parole under the supervision of a professor, to study mathematics but must attend psychotherapy.

3. Autumn in New York
If you’re looking for a heartwarming love story starring heartthrob Richard Gere and Winona Ryder, then Autumn in New York is a must. Just like its name promises, this film encompasses all things autumn, including romantic walks amongst crisp orange leaves.

The plot focuses on an infamous restaurateur and playboy whose life is turned upside down when he falls for a young, beautiful but terminally ill woman. It’s a touching love story to settle down with but be prepared to shed some tears.

4. You’ve Got Mail
You’ve Got Mail is the ultimate fall love story set in an autumnal New York City. The two bookshop rivals Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan fall in love anonymously online, as they become virtual pen pals exchanging their innermost feelings but no personal details.

The light-hearted love story that sees rivals turn lovers, is the perfect comforting watch for a cosy film day that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

5. Practical Magic
If you’re looking for a film to get you in the mood for Halloween - then there’s no better choice than Practical Magic.

Sisters Sally (Sandra Bullock) and Gillian (Nicole Kidman) are witches who have refrained from practising magic and have had to live with a terrible curse that has brought the whole family heartbreak for decades. But when trouble strikes with Gillian’s evil lover, the sisters have to come together and use their magic to deal with the supernatural.