Graham Clark, Music Features Writer

The Killers Give The North A Night To Remember

Photo: @robloud
Photo: @robloud
After the absence of big outdoor concerts for the last three years, Las Vegas-based The Killers brought the sunshine and glitz of the Nevada state to South Yorkshire in a concert that never failed to entertain.

Confetti cannons, normally reserved for the end of a concert, fired over the audience at the start which added something special at the start of The Killers Imploding The Mirage tour to the Eco-Power Stadium in Doncaster.

The stage was one of the largest I have seen at the Eco-Power Stadium seeming to match the powerful and majesty of The Killers' songs.

Surprisingly the majority of the band’s major songs came early on in the set as Smile Like You Mean It and Mr Brightside arrived within the first forty minutes of the evening.

Brandon Flowers 
Photo: @robloud
Brandon Flowers Photo: @robloud
As the band performed Dying Breed you could have been forgiven for thinking that you were witnessing the end of an era.

Runaway Horses brought a country music theme to the proceedings and felt a diversion from their normal rock based tracks.

A spectacular laser show lit up the stadium not just from the laser beams but from the respect between the fans and the band.

If he wasn’t behind his keyboards, Flowers was running around the stage from one end to another as he frequently invited the fans to sing and clap along, making it feel like he had written the textbook in how to control and engage an audience.

The pyrotechnics that accompanied Caution closed a show that had made me realise how music can be moving and to bring people together.

Of course there was still one track that had been missing. Human most associated with the band now in full force it somehow made the stadium feel smaller and a more intimate experience.

Photo: @robloud
Photo: @robloud
With the confetti cannons firing again as if a final salute to the evening this had been a night to remember.

The tour continues with further dates in the north:

1st June - Riverside Stadium, Middlesbrough
11th June - Emirates Stadium, Manchester