Jeremy Williams-Chalmers, Arts Correspondent

Singer-Songwriter Willie J. Healey In Conversation

2023 proved to be a big year for Willie J. Healey as he earned widespread critical acclaim for his Bunny album, including Album of the Year recognition from Guy Garvey at 6 Music plus Rough Trade, Truck, Vinilo, and Resident, as well as playing high-profile tours with Florence + The Machine, Arctic Monkeys, and Jamie T. Willie J. Healey recently shared the brand-new single The Apple ahead of a huge year of touring.

"I wrote The Apple after feeling weird and self-aware," Willie says. "I was living in my head until I realised, man, life is short...So be yourself, get your cake, and f**king eat it!’”

We were fully intrigued, so we caught up with him to learn more.

Willie J. Healey
©Reproduced with permission
Willie J. Healey ©Reproduced with permission
Hi, Willie, how are you?

I’m doing great, thanks.

We love Bunny. Has the response reflected how you anticipated it would be?

I guess so. After finishing something, I usually strive to move on. I hoped people liked and enjoyed it. So far, I believe that people are enjoying it.

It is album number 3. What lessons did you learn from the first two that you applied to this release?

I think it’s important to be open-minded when making creative decisions. You know, make the thing you want to listen to! It can be easy to take on too much advice and opinion. I think I’m learning to listen to my gut.

For those who haven't heard it yet, can you define it in a sentence?

I have something big and nice, something good-sounding, just for you.

If you wanted to introduce the album to them with one song, would you still lead them towards Tiger Woods?

In an effort to create an album devoid of skips, I would advise beginning wherever you desire.

Over the years, you have supported some huge names. What's the best advice one of them has given you?

I’ve not really received much advice from any of the bands I’ve supported, if I’m honest. I'm uncertain if this is beneficial or detrimental.

Which song from your back catalogue do you most enjoy performing live?

My Room

Lastly, if you could invite one guest vocalist up on stage to join you, who would you choose?

Clara Mann—she’s amazing!

Tour dates in the north

9th - Hebden Bridge, Trades Club

10th - York, The Crescent

11th - Blackpool, Bootleg Social

12th - Hull, Central Library


28th – Sheffield, Tramlines Festival


31st – Manchester, Psych Festival


24th - Newcastle, O2 City Hall

25th - Nottingham, Rock City

26th - Nottingham, Rock City


6th - Manchester, O2 Apollo

7th - Manchester, O2 Apollo

8th - Manchester, O2 Apollo