Graham Clark, Features Writer

Simple Minds - Still Alive And Kicking

photo credit Graham Clark
photo credit Graham Clark
Celebrating forty years of hits, Scottish band Simple Minds recently concluded a highly successful British tour that included the Bonus Arena in Hull.

In the past Hull has not always been on the touring itinerary for many a top band, a point that was not lost on lead singer, Jim Kerr “We are going to give you a great show that will just be as good as the concerts we play in the bigger cities” he promised.

Confusingly the first three numbers the band played were not actually hits, although opening song Act Of Love was the first track on their demo tape which won them a recording contract.

When the hits did arrive during the show they sounded just as powerful and regal as they did when you first heard them: Glittering Prize was always destined to be played on the big stages as was Promised You A Miracle.

Jim Kerr and Sarah Brown - photo credit Graham Clark
Jim Kerr and Sarah Brown - photo credit Graham Clark
Sarah Brown has been recording and touring with Simple Minds for over ten years now. Her soulful vocals have added a new dimension to their sound which made Book of Brilliant Things almost sound like a new song. Her voice also complemented that of Jim Kerr on Waterfront.

Kerr still had the habit of asking fans:“Is everything OK?” after singing many of the songs. When you have performed such anthems as Alive and Kicking and All The Things She Said the answer was always going to be obvious.

Don’t You (Forget About Me) has been the band’s biggest hit to date - the fans in Hull almost took over the singing of the song with Kerr proudly looking on.

As Sanctify Yourself closed the two hour set it had been a night that many had waited for over two years to enjoy. As the fans went out into the cold night air their voices were still singing in unison. The promise that Kerr had made at the start of the show had not been broken - Promised You A Miracle?

A promise definitely fulfilled.