Jack Bottomley, Media Correspondent

Silver Screen Weekly - What's Coming Up At The Cinema From Friday 27 January 2023

Our film critic and media correspondent has been looking and trawling the new releases. Here's what you can see on the big screen this week!

From Friday 27th January

The Fabelmans (12a)
Steven Spielberg’s semi-autobiographical acclaimed new film is both a tribute to the cinema experience, and a testament to the ups and downs of family life. Telling the story of young Sammy Fabelman (Gabriel LaBelle), The Fabelmans focuses on his dysfunctional family and social life and how the power of movies, not only guide him on the road to becoming an aspiring filmmaker but help him makes sense of life itself. Co-starring Michelle Williams, Paul Dano, Seth Rogen, Judd Hirsch and David Lynch, The Fabelmans is Spielberg’s most personal film yet and an awards season frontrunner, that has been hailed as one of Spielberg’s best modern motion pictures.

Plane (15)
In this throwback aviation actioner, Gerard Butler is pilot Brodie, who is tasked with taking prisoner Louis (Luke Cage's Mike Colter) aboard his passenger flight, but when the plane goes down in a lightening storm, and lands in hostile territory, Brodie might have to trust and join forces with Louis, in order to save the crew and passengers from the threats coming at them from all sides. Critics have called Plane "a first rate action thriller" and an old school blast, the likes of which you just don't see on the big screen anymore.

Other releases:
Unwelcome (15) (Playful horror about a couple terrorised by murderous Goblins from the ancient woods at the foot of their rural Irish home.) - Friday 27th January
All the Beauty and the Bloodshed (18) (Documentary following the life of artist Nan Goldin, and the fall of the Sackler family dynasty who were majorly responsible for the death toll of the opioid epidemic.) - Friday 27th January
January (12) (Bulgarian horror-infused drama about two men and a bird trapped in a snowstorm.) - Friday 27th January
Billie Eilish: Live At The O2 (12a) (The extended cut of Billie Eilish’s London show.) - Friday 27th January
Pathaan (12a) (Indian action thriller about a spy who takes on a group of mercenaries, that have their sights set on his homeland.) - Friday 27th January
The Wandering Earth II (12a) (Chinese Sci-Fi, as young people have to once again save the earth from death, after humanity builds engines on the earth to find a new home but discovery does not come easy.) - Friday 27th January
A Human Position (15) (Drama that sees a young journalist get a new perception on her own life, after uncovering a story of injustice at her work.) - Monday 30th January
Sword Art Online The Movie: Progressive - Scherzo of Deep Night (12a) (anime action continuing this story of treasure and monsters.) - Wednesday 1st February
BTS: Yet To Come In Cinemas (U) (Concert film following BTS’ sold out music concerts in South Korea.) - Monday 1st February