Jack Bottomley, Media Correspondent

Silver Screen Weekly - What's Coming Up At The Cinema From Friday 10th May

Our film critic and media correspondent has been looking and trawling the new releases. Here's what you can see on the big screen this week.

Still Showing

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes (12a)
From director Wes Ball (The Maze Runner) comes this highly anticipated return to this iconic sci-fi/fantasy franchise. Set 300 years after War For The Planet of the Apes, this new standalone sequel sees the world well and truly taken over and run by ape society, the origin of which started with Caesar’s journey. But the wicked ruler King Proximus Caesar (Kevin Durand) seeks to pervert ape teachings and uses old technologies to usher in a brutal regime, hunting humans, destroying and enslaving ape clans and ruling with gleeful malice. Leaving chimpanzee hunter Noa (Owen Teague), alongside human girl Mae (Freya Allan), and other loyal apes to go on a mission of liberation for the sake of ape and human kind alike. Visually stunning, action-packed and spectacular, if this new entry is up to the standards of the previous trilogy, we are in for a mighty treat!

Other releases:
Shallow Grave (15) (30th Anniversary of Danny Boyle’s 1994 thriller/comedy, starring Ewan McGregor and Christopher Eccleston.) - Friday 10th May
The Trust Fall: Julian Assange (15) (Australian documentary examining the campaign against extradition and the continuing imprisonment of the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.) - Friday 10th May
Made in England: The Films of Powell & Pressburger (12a) (British documentary that sees Martin Scorsese present a film about the legacy of the iconic filmmaking duo, Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger.) - Friday 10th May
Drylongso (15) (Re-release of Cauleen Smith’s 1998 16mm shot crime drama about an Oakland art student preserving the memory of black men dying around her, before being drawn into what is going on and the search for a serial killer.) - Friday 10th May
Our Mothers (Nuestra Madres) (15) (Spanish drama about a young Guatemalan anthropologist searching for the remains of a missing guerrilla fighter.) - Friday 10th May
La Chimera (15) (1980s set Italian crime drama about a British archaeologist embroiled in the theft of historical Etruscan treasures across the Tuscan countryside.) - Friday 10th May
The Almond and the Seahorse (15) (British drama about two survivors of brain injuries who must negotiate their relationships post-trauma with their partners.) - Friday 10th May
Big Banana Feet (12) (Re-release of the documentary charting Billy Connolly’s 1975 tour of Ireland, as he was on the cusp of stardom.) - Friday 10th May
Madama Butterfly (12a) (New Met Opera performance of Puccini’s enduring tragic story.) - Saturday 11th May
Help I Sexted My Boss! Live (15) (Live event of the viral hit comedy podcast series on the big screen.) - Tuesday 14th May
Transformers: 40th Anniversary Event (U) (40th anniversary screening of the 1984 animated series on the big screen, with exclusive roundtable read from Peter Cullen, Frank Welker and more.) - Wednesday 15th May (also showing on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th May)
42nd Street - The Musical (U) (Stage performance, from London's Theatre Royal, based on the iconic musical.) - Thursday 16th May (also showing on Sunday 19th May)