Jeremy Williams-Chalmers, Arts Correspondent

Shakespears Sister

Siobhan Fahey has spent the last few years mending broken relationships. To kick off proceedings, she made peace with her Bananarama bandmates Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward. The truce saw her embark on a critically acclaimed reunion tour with the duo, before sadly parting ways again before the band released release of the phenomenal In Stereo. While Woodward and Dallin continue to make powerful pop hits, their loss of Fahey has led to one of the most unlikely pop reunions of the last decade. Having finally called a truce with Marcella Detroit, the duo returned to the studio and explored the world of Americana to add to their already diverse back catalogue for the release of the retrospective and forward thinking collection Singles Party.

To celebrate the acclaim the new songs have received, both from Singles Party and the recent EP, Ride Again, the duo are treating their fans to a series of live shows. Having waited an eternity to the see the 'Stay' hitmakers performing together again, their fans have turned up in the droves to Birmingham's Symphony Hall for a night of nostalgia.

Before the duo can take to the stage, Ukrainian songstress Delena takes centre stage. With material that would resonate well with the Eurovision audience, she is an unlikely choice to open for the alternative - Americana - pop drive of Shakespears Sisters, she never the less seems to garner a warm response. While her stage presence and vocal delivery need work, there is definite potential. As it stands she would not manage to make the Grand Finals of Eurovision, but would possibly be a guilty treat in the Semis.

Boasting an understated chemistry and a clear bond, it is apparent that the hatchet has been well and truly buried by Detroit and Fahey. While there is peace and tranquility between the vocalists, the distinctively opposite vocal stylists of the duo still work beautifully together and against each other - as the song requires.

While the back catalogue clearly means a lot to the audience, what is most surprising is that it is the duo's newest releases that have the biggest impact. Having found a new groove, their Americana twist is truly compelling - with C U Next Tuesday a future classic.