Graham Clark, Music Features Writer

Pop-Violinist Lindsey Stirling

Pop-violinist Lindsey Stirling has released a follow-up to her debut Christmas album Warmer in Winter with Snow Waltz. Featuring eight classic covers and five original tracks, Snow Waltz delivers Stirling’s immersive arrangements and melodies but with a seasonal twist.

Her musical styles range from pop to classical, rock to electronic dance music and presents choreographed violin performances. Following a series of European concerts Lindsey is now touring her native America.

When did you first start playing the violin?

When I was six years old. As the violin is such an unforgiving instrument it takes around a year to really get up to a good level and to make a nice sound. I was your average student but I worked really hard on trying to play in a proficient way.

How did you decide which songs to cover on your new album?

I chose those I liked and thought could be taken in a new direction as these songs have been covered so many times.

If you listen to the album you will hear that Joy To The World has been recorded in a Celtic style because I could not find a version that has been done in that fashion.

I wanted people to enjoy the songs and at the same time for them to remain fresh and I think I have accomplished that on the album.

You have collaborated with a lot of different artists over the years, how did these come about?

It depends, if it is an artist that I like I might reach out to them and suggest working together, though sometimes artists come to me - it is exciting both ways.

Do you have a favourite piece of music to play?

It seems I have a different favourite song on every tour because either the costumes or choreography around it makes it feel really fresh. In the Christmas concerts I have been performing I Wonder As I Wander where I dramatically get up on a trapeze and play my violin whilst spinning around which is really exciting!

In the past you suffered from Anorexia, do you still?

Not any more - I wrote the song Shatter Me so I could share the experience of what I went through. I think one of the most important things is most mental health issues never really go away. I am really good at coping with it and managing it my mind. You have to be careful for the rest of your life and keep yourself in check, knowing the things that might be a trigger.

For years it controlled my life, making me miserable and causing me to hate myself, it was a lot of hard work to get out of that situation. It is so important to invest in yourself once you know you have a mental health issue because it changed everything for me; I could have never done what I have achieved in my career if I had been stuck with anorexia.

What makes you happy now?

People, especially being around my family one of the most important things in my life right now besides sharing my music, as I get to connect with an audience. In recent concerts I see their smiling faces and to share that joy makes me so happy.

How did the pandemic effect you?

Like everyone else it seemed like my life had stopped. I was fortunate my sister has a farm so I went there for four months. She has twin daughters and for me to invest time with family was invaluable. I will always be grateful for that time because since my late teens I have been recording and touring so to get to spend time with them has given me memories I will always value.

What has been the best memory for you in 2022?

Getting to tour again has been fantastic- before the pandemic we took it for granted and I will always remember the first moments when I got to stand on a stage again; my dancers and I started to cry after that first show because it was so special to be able to do what we love again.

I still have these moments when I look out in awe to the audience and see that they are actually there, smiling at me, enjoying the show.

Do you still go to concerts?

I still do. Pink puts on a physically demanding and challenging show and she has inspired me more than any other performer. I went to see Backstreet Boys and I had more fun at that show than any other I have been to.

Do you have any plans to return to Europe in 2023?

We are looking at these at the moment. There are so many festivals in Europe held during the summer and to perform at some of these would be ideal for me.

The new album Snow Waltz is out now on Concord Records. Catalogue Number CRE02022