Jeremy Williams-Chalmers, Arts Correspondent

Musical Motivation: Patricia Lalor

Patricia Lalor has shared her new single, ‘Fall Back Asleep’, the third in a series of four tracks to be released over the coming weeks via Friends Don’t Lie Ltd.

Beautifully sparse, the track blends rich vocals and delicate harmonies against a solo guitar line, emphasizing its subtle intimacy, before ending in an intoxicating crescendo of ambient synths propelling it into gentle euphoria.

We caught up with her to find out what music motivates her...


Space Song by Beach House

Just because it reminds me of all the summers I’ve ever had and summer is literally the happiest time of my life so yeah a lot of summer memories connected with that song and Beach House in general.


Halfway To Nowhere by Chelou

The lyrics sound like he’s questioning all of his life choices and just the whole vibe of the song fits the word contemplate.


Smother by Daughter

It’s so so sad and amazing. I don’t listen to it unless I’m sad and need a cry and when I am sad it’s the first song I turn to.. over and over again. It’s so good, I’ll never get sick of it.


Robots - Flight Of The Conchords

100%. I love Flight Of The Conchords, there are so many hidden jokes that you don’t catch the first time you listen, Bret and Jermaine are hilarious. Would recommend.

Work Out

Nothing makes me want to work out. Nothing. BUT to get up and start moving and maybe go on a light walk Shark Smile by Big Thief is a motivational song for me, it has a good beat and is just a really nice, happy song


3WW by Alt-J

I feel like it’s hard to relate to this one just cause it’s more of a personal experience but when my family and I went to Italy for a holiday this was unintentionally the song that was always on and listening to it brings me right back to that time, it’s a little reminiscing holiday summer song for me. It’s great, love it.


Vacation by Florist

It is either that or a Mac DeMarco song but I just recently discovered this beautiful song and it’s just perfect in every way, it’s such a reassuring, calm song and I definitely should get on with listening to more by Florist.

Feel Determined

Can’t Cool Me Down by Car Seat Headrest

It’s hard to explain this one but something about it gives me those vibes of getting up and doing something with my life. I also just wanted to include this song because my mom and I are obsessed with it right now.


Wolfcat by Still Woozy

Still Woozy is such a VIBE, all of his songs are awesome but I love this one in particular. When I first discovered it I listened to it for a solid 2 months straight and never got tired of it. It’s so great, I don’t know how he creates such fun, vibey music. Perfect for dancing.