Jeremy Williams-Chalmers, Arts Correspondent

Musical Motivation: Marcus Gray

Marcus Gray is a British singer songwriter who doesn’t like to define himself as solely one genre or another. Making music he likes and what excites people is purely what drives his prodigious talent. He was born in SW London, grew up in Surrey and moved to the artistic hub of Brighton on the South Coast in 2018 where he thrives to this day on the musical and creative vibes generated in the city. On February 28th he released his debut single Free Man. We caught up with him to find out what songs make him...


If I Had A Gun - NGHFB

IMHO to this day the greatest chorus of all time, this or Slide Away, I dart between the two.


Mr Tambourine Man - Bob Dylan

This was the hardest to answer if I'm honest, because I'm one of those people who listens to music to fall asleep, so I've got a plethora of songs that could have gone in here. However, Mr Tambourine Man features a line in it, 'Let me forget about today until tomorrow', that has influenced 4 verses of mine in 4 different songs, so It HAD to make the list! (A tonne of Billie Eillish and Maisie Peters also falls in here as honourable mentions.)


Song For Josh - Frank Turner

Written about his friend who committed suicide, and exploring the feelings associated to such a tragedy, get's me tearful every-time.


I couldn't say, I've tried to think! (Something by Monty Python if I was pushed though!).

Want To Work Out

The Search - NF

The top track on my gym playlist, and apart from the fact that it's a brilliant pump up tune, it's also has a very poignant mental health message running throughout the song.


Revolution - Robbie Williams

From what I would say is probably my number one album of all time, Escapology, it's one of the underrated tracks, and has been playing at various key emotional fork roads in my life.


It's got to be something by Billie Eillish or Maisie Peters really here, SO many genuinely brilliant songs to choose from, but I'm going to have to go with 'Best I'll Ever Sing' by Maisie.

Feel Determined

My Way - Frank Sinatra

EVERY. SINGLE. BIG. MOMENT. of my life, (where it has been appropriate for me to have music playing), I have played My Way, and, on top of this it is the song I want playing at my funeral (cheery thought, I know). When I left my job to be self-employed, when I left my home town, when I got my puppy, before going on stage to my first headline.


Out The Window - Confidence Man

I'm no dancer by any means, BUT it's a massive bop.