Jeremy Williams-Chalmers, Arts Correspondent

Musical Motivation: Luca Sestak

Luca Sestak may not be a name you are immediately familiar with, but we can ensure you that after he releases his major label debut, Right or Wrong, on May 29, you will fall for him hook, line and sinker. With the charm of a young Jamie Cullum, the lyric prowess of Adele and pop sensiblity of Shawn Mendes, he will be a household name by the end of the album campaign. While we know what his music sounds like, we caught up with him to find out what music he is listening to. We asked him what songs make you...


Animal Spirit - Vulfpeck

It’s just such a happy tune: the chords, groove and melody always make me smile.…like many Vulfpeck songs. They manage to put so much happiness and playfulness into their arrangements - I would say their songs sound like what making music feels like. If that makes any sense...


Believe In Me - Jamie Lidell

I like this particular one because it’s pretty deep and the chorus is kind of 'adaptive' to everyone’s individual situation. I always wonder if you need someone to believe in you to be able to believe in yourself or if it takes just you.


Just The Same - Bruno Major

Bruno is one of my favorite artists. Especially this song because it’s very soulful and sad. I think the lyrics and music come together just right in this one and that gets me every time. The music video is worth watching as well.


Typ Ische Verhältnisse - Moop Mama

Obviously not so funny if you don’t speak German but I promise you it is. The lyrics are put together so well and the ending is hilarious. Even better for me when seasoned with a laid-back horn section, fat groove and jazzy chords. If you don’t speak German and want to laugh I’d recommend you listen to 'Warten auf Korg' by AKA AKA (wait for it).

Want to work out

Maschin - Bilderbuch

I love Bilderbuch (an Austrian band by the way) for their crazy sound, style, lyrics and funky beats. Something I’d definitely put on if I worked out more (which I probably should).


Like Summer - Kyan

A lot of nice memories build up around that song for me and my friends, especially last summer. The song has been proven to work perfectly together with a glass of wine on a warm August evening in Greece - (just a serving suggestion).


Some - Nils Frahm

I just love the minimalism and intimacy of that piece. There’s so few going on but yet so much to listen to. Always carries me away.

Feel Determined

Lesson Learnt - Aaron Taylor

I just discovered Aaron Taylor a couple of weeks ago and I think he’s brilliant. The simplicity and dynamics of this track always remind me that it doesn’t take a lot of instruments or 'sound walls' to create a great song.


Usher - Jamie Cullum

Immediately fell in love with this song from Jamie’s new album, definitely my favorite track of the record. If you play this at a party (and give me some beer) I’ll dance for sure.

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