Jeremy Williams-Chalmers, Arts Correspondent

Musical Motivation: LEX

LEX is a musical ‘character’ created by the talented and multi-faceted pop/rock Spanish artist Alex Ayora. LEX really does encompass it all - not only is he a renowned singer and composer in his native country, he is also a multi-instrumentalist playing guitar, bass, drums and piano who has worked with a plethora of other artists and big brands. He has just released his latest single Unlucky, so we caught up with him to find out what songs make him...


Every Needs Somebody - Blues Brothers

My childhood was strongly marked by the influence of the blues and rock 'n roll music. This classic blues tune by Blues Brothers has always been a shot of adrenaline and positive vibes. It makes me smile every time I listen to it.


So What - Miles Davis

I love Miles Davis and his "Kind of Blue" Album. It's a very chill and fresh album for me which takes me deep into a new world of contemplative, dreamy and yet intense sound.


A Change is Gonna Come - Sam Cooke

There are songs that make me cry because of its message, and other ones because of its melody, intention, feeling and passion. I think this song has both reasons to make me cry. I love the hope, the love, the courage of its message and the way Sam sings. Soulful tune.


Sympathy for the Devil - The Rolling Stones

Listen to The Rolling Stones has always been a gift for me. They bring me fun, freedom and laugh. This song and its rhythm make me laugh and a lot of fun. It's funny how to see how Mick represents the Devil. It's a really cool way to do it. I specially love the conga beat and the back-up vocals. I love these guys.

Want to work out

99 Problems - Jay Z

I usually choose classic rock and hip hop songs when it's time to work out. 99 problems by Jay z is a strong song that make me feel motivated to have a really good work out plan. It's like a shot of adrenaline. Jay z is one of my big hip hop influences and inspirations, and also Rick Rubin, the producer of the song. He's one of the best of all time. I like his versatility to produce hits from all kind of genres. Strong drums, awesome raps and heavy distortion make this song a really pleasure for my ears while I'm working out.


Hurricane - Bob Dylan

It's a very familiar song for me. My Dad used to play it at home when I was a kid, and I used to listen to it a lot during my childhood too, so it brings me back to the old stories. I would say Bob Dylan is the greatest for me in this area. He's the genius of the story telling.


Oye como Va - Santana

Santana has always been my main influence as a guitar player. I would say he has been my teacher in terms of expression and approach. I love the way how he is able to articulate the notes from his soul bringing light to the world. Oye Como Va is an excellent version for chillin' and relaxin' time. I've played this song thousand times on stage. I always love to listen to it when I go to the beach or while I'm drinking a Pina Colada.

Feel Determined

One Love - Bob Marley

If there's song to feel determined, this is One Love by Bob Marley. It helps me to feel determined and convinced by the power of love and its light. The song brings me confidence, safety and freedom to reach anything I propose myself to achieve.


Billie Jean - Michael Jackson

Michael has been one of my main influences as an artist. His dancing and his music has been an inspiration for me since I was a kid. Billie Jean makes me dance and make me activate every part of the body. I'm still freaking out with the beat and how a simple beat is staying alive generation after generation. It has helped me to develop my own guitar dancing. It’s based on doing kind of dancing styles with my feet like the hell toe, the happy feet .... while I'm playing the guitar and singing at the same time. I took it from him and I keep developing it. Hope to show to the world soon on my next videos. I love to perform this song onstage.