Jeremy Williams-Chalmers, Arts Correspondent

LiLA - Lieberlila

LiLA is an artist you may not have heard of, but one you most certainly should have. The Berlin based singer/songwriter manages in her addictive pop anthems to explore the theme of love in a truly universal manner. Although written from her own personal experience, LiLA manages to voice experiences we have all lived, or wished we could.

Although currently best known for the singles Nächstes Tattoo and Jung Sterben, the album boasts 10 songs that will have you hooked in from the very first listening. While it is impossible to deny that Nächstes Tattoo is destined to be a contemporary pop classic, the album boasts songs that outshine even this most radio friendly of hits.

The glorious Denkst du an mich will have you singing along in an instant, while the Mathea channeling Im Spiegel is intriguingly introverted lyrically, yet musically attention attracting.

That being said the dreamy Sommernacht and trip-pop Salz are in competition for being named the album highlight.

While it would possible to spend ages discussing the virtues of both, we would advise instead simply purchasing the record and pressing the repeat button.