Jeremy Williams-Chalmers, Arts Correspondent

Jante - Blick Ins Freie

Jante are a German quartet who have taken inspiration from British music icons Mumford & Sons and Passenger to craft their own distinctive take on indie-folk. Their latest EP, Blick ins Freie, follows in the wake of the absolutely lush single Einfach Leichter and is best served with a sprinkling of sunshine.

Alas, worry not if the May forecast is not as gloriously sun filled as the Bank Holiday weekend, for even if grey skies are above, the irresistible jangly Jante beats will give you the warm, fuzzy feeling you require.

From the moment the EP opens with former single and EP title track, Blick ins Freie, it is clear that this is the irrepressible summery anthem fuelled record that we need to brighten even the darkest of days.

Vocalist Jan Thierfelder boasts a vocal that lies somewhere between Jamie Scott, Max Giesinger and Charlie Winston, which is no bad thing. He has the ability to roughen the edges, but also knows when to simply let the smooth edge shine.

While there is no denying that Einfach Leichter comes close to being the EP highlight, it has strong competition from the euphoric anthem Verlernen and more tentative and pensive Vielleicht.

However, it is when the group slow it down for the heart-melting Weit genug that they reach the EP's crowning moment.

Blick ins Freie is a breezy delight that will whisk you up and take you to where the sun shines perpetually.