Jeremy Williams-Chalmers, Arts Correspondent

Interview with ADMT

(credit: Lamour White)
ADMT (credit: Lamour White)
Doncaster’s ADMT (Adam Taylor) has been winning hearts since he launched with his flawless vocal skills and undeniable talent for songwriting. Working to normalize mental health and wellness conversations, Adams songwriting is courageously honest and raw with an empowering openness.

Poignant and relatable, ADMT’s new single Lost touches on that desire to break free from the struggles and pressures of modern life. Effortless vocals depict those dark and overwhelming moments many of us face day to day. Lost comes as a reassuring moment of solace from a world that can be relentlessly challenging. We caught up with Adam to learn a little more.

Hi, first and foremost, how are you?

Hey, I'm wicked thank you, and you?

Very well, thank you. For those not in the know, tell us a little about yourself...

So my name is ADMT and I'm a singer songwriter from Doncaster. I released my first single Dream right at the start of the pandemic and it's been pretty non stop since. I like to keep things pretty real with my songwriting, which people seem to really connect with. I think sometimes it's a relief to hear someone being honest about what they're going through! Over the pandemic I got into busking and playing open air shows, when that was all lockdown would allow, as I was really struggling without playing live. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I could make!

You are building to the release of your first EP, Lost. What can we expect?

So lots of getting lost in mad places! Me and my manager have been missioning all over Yorkshire trying to find the maddest places to film and get content, which you can check out on my social media. We've been up mountains, in oceans and explored caves. It's all been a bit mad to be honest! Alongside making other content such as acoustic versions of the songs, putting out videos, playing shows and as much as I'm still not totally accustomed to it, plenty of tik tok lives.

(credit: Lamour White)
(credit: Lamour White)
Comparisons are inevitable, if you had to file yourself between two artists. Who would they be?

In all honesty I don't directly compare myself to anyone, I take a lot of pride in myself and everyone else being individuals. Our identity is our own, but I guess in regards to similarities in music and genre people may say Ed Sheeran (my ginger beard gets me that one haha) Also Dermot Kennedy, Sam Tompkins to name a few. Online it's usually Logan Paul (non-musical) I'm not sure about that one!

What was the thought behind the title?

The thought behind the title is pretty literal. I guess that's kind of me. The song is about getting lost both physically and mentally. On the physical side of things, getting outside (or lost!) into nature can be the best thing when you're feeling a bit lost mentally. It definitely helps me to reset and clear my head.

Which song are you most excited for people to hear?

In all honesty I think Lost is the one I'm really excited to show the world. It speaks my truth in the moment that I wrote it; frustration, plus hope. I just hope people can relate.

You've made a name for yourself busking. What's the secret to success as a busker?

I think the secret to being good at anything is consistency, regardless of what it is. So to busk I had to be out there pretty constantly but also I'd say more specifically to busking; judging the vibe is always a good thing, being political when you need to in regards to interactions with the public, being kind as often as possible but also knowing if a situation arises that lets say, is more negative, how to act accordingly. Expect the unexpected!

How has busking altered your performance?

I think if anything it has probably helped with my confidence and also its good practice. It's always good for people skills too.

And how has it affected your ambition?

Not at all, I'm hungrier than ever. If anything it just solidified that I love this... I love music and I'm just grateful I'm lucky enough to feel I've found my purpose.

With the EP soon to be available, have you got any shows planned?

Yes! I'm really excited, actually I've got my first show in South Yorkshire coming up at Sydney Matilda in Sheffield, so I'm looking forward to it! My third headline show too!

Lastly, if you could achieve one thing by the end of the year, what would it be?

I mean for there's no cap on achievement there's always something more we seem to want once we've reached previous goals. but honestly \i'd love to support somebody I look up to in music. That would be a dream ... and a tour!

Alongside the release of the EP, ADMT will be embarking on the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge to raise money for mental health charity Mind. The hike is over 24 miles and it will be completed in one day.