Jeremy Williams-Chalmers, Arts Correspondent

Interview With Birthday Card's Josh Saw

Building on the momentum of their 2019 debut single, Aylesbury based quintet BIRTHDAY CARD have released their stunning new single, Radio Star. Coinciding with the announcement, the band have also confirmed details of their debut London headline show at The Old Blue Last on 19th September. To find out more about them, we caught up with frontman Josh Saw.

First and foremost, hello and how are you?

Hi, I'm very well thank you.

Tell us about the record you have just released…

It’s an all out pop tune that we recorded a few days before lockdown. With the track we wanted to make a modern version of the hooky tunes that soundtracked some of the old Fifa’s. I think we’ve encapsulated the feeling those songs give you in Radio Star.

How do you feel when releasing a record?

I really look forward to releasing new music. All the records we’ve released so far have had a positive reception and more people seem to be finding out about us. I feel like each release gives us another opportunity to demonstrate how versatile our sound is as well.

What inspired the record?

George came to practice with the synth hook and that kick started the song really. So I guess George’s handiwork on the synth was the inspiration.

Tell us a little about your creative process...

Sometimes we create drum loops and little demo ideas individually then send them over to each other and collaborate that way. Then it all gets brought together and refined in the rehearsal room.

If the record were an animal, what animal would it be?

The song in places sounds a bit alien so probably a jellyfish.

Define your sound in five words…

Genre-blending alt pop... music

What was the first song that caught your attention?

I can remember dancing around the living room to MMMBop and Santana's Smooth as a kid so probably one of them two.

What was the first song you bought?

If we’re talking digitally then it was probably something like Akon's Lonely.

And the first album?

I remember asking my Dad to buy me The Neptunes' Clones album when I was growing up. I wasn’t old enough to get it myself, so possibly that.

What was the best concert you have ever seen?

Air, Field Day 2016.

What did the experience teach you that you have translated to your own shows?

More synths the better.

What other artist are you most excited to hear from?

There's a French musician and producer called Oklou, who has released some great singles recently. Excited to hear more from her.

If you could work with her, what would you hope to record?

Immaculately produced avant-garde pop.

If you had to pick three artists to be filed next to, who would they be and why?

Francis and The Lights, Porches, The Neighbourhood. These are all artists I’ve taken inspiration from and feel like we wouldn’t be out of place being filed next to them.

If you could jam with one artist alive or dead, who would it be?

Kanye West.

If you could have written one song by another artist, what would it be?

Just For A Moment - Ultravox.

Someone is making a film of your life, who will play you?

Steve Buscemi.