Jeremy Williams-Chalmers, Arts Correspondent

Horrible Histories Presents Horrible Christmas

Panto season has arrived. Regardless of our age, we all love breaking down the fourth wall and shouting 'boooooo' as loudly as we can. Heck, a year shouldn't pass by without having at least once yelled 'he's behind you!' Yet, doing so doesn't need to be done in the format of a traditional panto - not when they Horrible Histories offer the opportunity to transport yourself through Christmas moments past and present.

Arriving at Birmingham's Symphony Hall with my eldest child, we joined the long queue for an indulgent hot chocolate before entering the beautiful auditorium to be immediately impressed by the stunning blue-tinged Christmas trees that formed the simplistic but stylish set. Wow, was his immediate impression.

With the magical first moment stealing his heart, it was clear he was ready to be transported. As was I. Loosely based on the Terry Deary book of the same name, this was a trip from the present day all the way back to the original nativity via the Victorians, Puritans and Tudors.

Packed full of interesting Christmas facts that had my son asking 'is that true?' and well-timed physical and toilet humour to make the audience cackle, this is a production that appeals to all ages.

Horrible Histories presents Horrible Christmas is on tour until 30th December coming to the north more information here