Jeremy Williams-Chalmers, Arts Correspondent

Florian Christl - Episodes

29 year old Florian Christl is a relatively new name to the world of Contemporary Classical recording. Having released his debut collection, Inspiration, back in 2018, he immediately showcased his ability to craft ambient beauties. Centered around the piano, an instrument he started to master at the age of 7, his compositions have echoes of Ludovico Einaudi, but do not feel like they are emulating a master, simply showing the world a new voice.

Having impressed on Inspiration, Florian returns after two years with a new collection - Episodes. Rather than simply picking up where he left off, Episodes is a new chapter for Florian. Yes, the sound is still piano-centered Contemporary Classical, but the overall feel of the record feels fresh and new.

Having showcased his ability to toe-the-line with the bigger names in his field, Episodes feels as if Florian has turned a new page and is determined to show what he can conjure to create a path that is solely his own.

Episodes is magical from the opening moment of Melodie through to the closing solo piano version of Leidenschaft. However, there are few tender moments that cast their spell more potently than the others. The first arrives in the shape if Lights, which is a truly enchanting moment where Florian's piano meets Esther Anrami's violin and creates musical heaven. The ebbs and flows of Tag Am See will give you all the feels, while the dancing jolts of Ungewiss will have you at the edge of your seat for the next surprise.

Episodes is a release from an artist no longer taking tentative steps, it is a fully realised and ambitious insight into an artist who is ready to be heard on his own terms.