Jeremy Williams-Chalmers, Arts Correspondent

Eivør - Segl

Eivør is the Faroe Islands most successful musical export. Anyone who has heard any of her previous 8 studio albums will know exactly why that is the case. Having released two versions of her 2017 studio album, Slør, to fully explore both Faroese and English, her latest release centres more heavily on the English language work of her more recent career. However, that does not mean her native tongue has been fully abandoned.

Equally there has been a shift sonically within her work. Having debuted 20 years ago with a more jazz leaning sound, she has dabbled with folk, pop and synths throughout her career. While the trip hop leanings of her last studio album were met with some success, many critics derided it as lacking personality. The same could not be claimed of Segl.

Segl leans more into an electro sound, but takes the peak moments of her earlier recording career and most importantly boasts a large element of her most distinctive leanings - notably the use of throat singing - which really adds a compelling edge to an explosively electro record.

Interestingly it is in the three songs in her native tongue that feel the most compelling, although there is one exception to this rule. Having teamed up with the iconic Icelandic artist, Ásgeir, for the duet Only Love, the heartfelt sincerity of both stunningly memorable artists makes for one of the finest songs of 2020.

Overall Segl is a step-up from the undeniably impressive Slør.