Jeremy Williams-Chalmers, Arts Correspondent

Courtney Marie Andrews - Old Flowers

A decade since she released her debut solo album and Courtney Marie Andrews arrives at her most hyped album to date, Old Flowers. Having really scored herself a firm place on the musical map back in 2016 with the still impressive Honest Life, she showed a move in musical direction with 2018's critically acclaimed May Your Kindness Remain.

Boasting a rich Blues sound with a soulful, Country vocal, it took her from determined and driven to reflectively dreamy. Her latest record, Old Flowers, builds on the foundations laid so firmly by its predecessor, but as with all her records to date, she has determined not to simply tread the same old ground.

Old Flowers explored the entirety of her nine year relationship, from singledom to singledom. Despite many twists and turns on her journey, this is not the typical Country longing for what's been lost, but rather a firm standing statement that she is stronger and more content on her own.

With the often visited subjects of heartbreak and regret are married with those of doubt and uncertainty, the strength of Old Flowers is in the subtle way in which the imagery of her life plays out through the intelligent lyrics. These are then painted against a stunningly understated Americana soundscape.

Having already proved her appeal over the last decade, Old Flowers solidifies her position as one of the most interesting artists in contemporary Americana.