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An Interview With Gillian Godden - Author Of Diamond Geezer

Gillian Godden
Gillian Godden
Gillian Godden describes herself as ‘an Indie author and a full time NHS Key worker at a local inner city medical centre in East Hull, East Yorkshire’. Her first novel Dangerous Games was published in 2019 and the first two books in her latest Diamond series arrived on the shelves in 2022. The p.ublished group of online newspapers recently caught up with her:

Do you have a particular time and place to write?

Writing usually depends on when the plot comes to me. I mainly write at the weekend. I work for the NHS and so my week is pretty full especially with the winter flu clinics. So sometimes I can write till early morning after work or all weekend...I usually write in longhand first in a notepad before my computer.

How do your books develop? Do you plan the narrative in advance or let it emerge?

I mentally have a plot in mind. And after that daunting first line it seems to flow on its own. I always like to work out the end first so I know what I’m working towards.

Having spent time in the East End of London and living in Yorkshire, what led you to set the novel in the mean streets of Glasgow?

Glasgow has an amazing Gangland history of its own...the ice cream wars and Paul Ferris and Arthur Thompson. Unlike my other series the Lambrianu series is set mainly in London and Italy...I wanted to change areas so the books are not samey.

Are your characters inspired by people you know?

A lot of my characters have some basis on people I have known, and a little author licence!

Do you gather characters in note form and then introduce them when the moment/novel is right?


Do you like Nick Diamond? Who might you cast to play him?

I had Henry Cavill in mind when I first thought about him. Very handsome and debonair.

Was Billy Burke deliberately named after the infamous body snatcher Burke, of Burke and Hare infamy?

Yes, I thought that added a gruesome effect although they were both northern Irish immigrants.

The character of Steve wants to go straight but this novel suggests it’s impossible for someone like him. Do you think such a negative outlook is simply realistic?

It can be hard going straight when you stay in the same seem to get swallowed up with your old friends and their ways.. that is why Steve wanted to move away and have a fresh start. It’s not negative but it’s hard going straight when there is so much history and baggage attached to your past.

Is the sequel already in the planning?

I have recently released the third Book in the series and am currently writing the fourth: Forever Diamond.

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