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Albums: Staples Jr Singers - Searching

Staples Jr Singers - Searching

Living In The World Alone; Lost In A World of Sin; You Got To Believe; Walk Around Heaven; I’ve Got A Feeling; Don’t Need No Doctor; I Don’t Need Nobody But You; Get on Board.

(Luka Bop) 68089901022

This eclectic new album is the family gospel trio's first in over fifty years.

Recorded live over two evenings in 2023 in a single-room church in West Point, Mississippi, the album features songs that were written half a century ago, though now they carry a different message. On their debut album, the three original members took turns singing the lead.

The family bond becomes apparent in the songs, which you can hear on tracks such as You Got to Believe and Don’t Need No Doctor.

The album, which is part of a vanguard of gospel soul artists who broke from tradition, is worth your attention if you appreciate gospel music with a soulful edge.

Rather than the end of an era, the album feels like a new beginning for the Staples Jr. Singers, as they sound refreshed, invigorating, and re-energised on this set of superb songs.