Graham Clark, Music Features Writer

Albums: Screamer - Kingmaker

Screamer - Kingmaker
Kingmaker; Rise Above; The Traveler; Hellfire; Chasing The Rainbow; Ashes and Fire; Burn It Down; Fall of a Common Man; Sounds of the Night; Renegade.
(STEAMHAMMER) Catalogue Number: 246441

Have you heard of Screamer? Well, this is their inspiring fifth studio album and by the end of it, you may want to discover more.

The Swedish rock band formed in 2009 and has toured extensively in Europe. Think dynamic riffs, twin electric guitars and melodic songs with a strong chorus and you get an idea of what Screamer sounds like.

If you are a fan of Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Saxon and Magnum, all classic rock bands, chances are you will want to add Kingmaker to your collection.

The title track sets the tone for a delectable musical journey that is about to unfold. Kingmaker is bold and magnificent as the melody soars and your faith in rock music is restored.

Rise Above comes with a meaty guitar riff on a stirring number before the twin guitars kick in - the Iron Maiden influence.

When the music is as good as this it would be hard to disagree with Andrea Wikstrom when he sings: “Rise Above it all, we are the new foundation.”

The Traveler sees the tempo slow down, the melancholic song is not typical Screamer fayre, though the track is a good contrast between the more rockier numbers on the rest of the album.

Other highlights include: Chasing The Rainbow which gallops along on a strong melody, likewise, Burn It Down has the bounding beat and harmonies set the song on fire. These are good rock songs.

This new album will find Screamer a whole new set of fans who will propel them to a higher level.

If, by chance, you are one of those who have never heard of Screamer, you will have fun because one of the good things about uncovering a new band so far into its career, is there is always a back catalogue to relish!