Graham Clark, Music Features Writer

Albums: RuPaul - Black Butta

RuPaul - Black Butta

A.S.M.R Lover; Cake & Candy; Suga Daddy; Pink Limousine; Courage To Love; Show Me That You Festive; Black Butta; Everytime A Heart Beats; Star Baby; Courage To Love (Eric Kupper Mix)

Catalogue Number: RuCo-23A

Long before his reality Drag Race competition series propelled him to stardom, RuPaul had a successful singing career, kicked off with his breakthrough hit, Supermodel (You Better Work), a celebration of his world

It became a House music classic and still sounds fresh and contemporary nearly thirty years on.

Music tastes and fashions have of course, moved on since then, reflected on the extrovert singer and entertainer's new album.

Black Butta mixes various musical styles from contemporary R&B on the title track to the soulful sound of Everytime A Heart Beats.

Things click into place on the wonderful Star Baby prompting one to wonder why his musical career began to take a back seat. Though after listening to Pink Limousine - a terrible mix match of eighties grooves over a song that goes nowhere, then maybe concentrating on the Drag Race franchise wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

Show Me That You Festive might have arrived a few weeks too late, though when we hear - “he still believes in Santa” - it seems so natural on this innocent and appealing number.

Courage To Love appears twice, it is an uplifting number epitomising all that is best about RuPaul as he gives his fans a fearless message.

Things come full circle when the album closes with a mix of the song by House music supremo Eric Kupper, delivering a joyful rendition of this elevating number which deserves to be played in every disco from America to Australia.

Much like butter, the album is rich in substance with more than a hint of sweetness throughout and though it might be a guilty pleasure, it's an impressive return.