Graham Clark, Music Features Writer

Albums: Iggy Pop - Every Loser

Iggy Pop - Every Loser (Atlantic Records)

Frenzy; Strung Out Johnny; New Atlantis; Modern Day Ripoff; Morning Show; The News for Andy; Neo Punk; All The Way Down; Comments; My Animus; The Regency

Catalogue Number: 0075678628474

If you thought that aged 75 Iggy Pop might show down, then Every Loser, his 19th solo album, will dispel that thought.

Often referred to as 'The Godfather of Punk', Pop appears to still have the fire in his belly with an impressive energy and vibrancy for someone of his vintage.

Frenzy sets the scene in fine style: roaring dirty guitar riffs slice through the song with an Alice Cooper vibe and a punk attitude. “Do you get it?” asks Pop as the song builds to its climax. A question that will always receive an affirmative answer when the music is as good as this.

Strung Out Johnny harks back to Pop’s days in The Stooges as the song comes with a New Wave influence.

Every Loser is a diverse album; New Atlantis slows down the pace with a folk influence on a song that is a love letter to his adoptive city of Miami, whilst Morning Show is a reflective ballad.

The pace speeds up on the garage rock of Neo Punk, which seems fitting from the original punk rocker - you can imagine the mosh pits when the track is performed live.

All The Way Down another sleazy rock track fits well with the manic and intense album.

It is left to the late Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters to display a pounding drum rhythm on The Regency. “Once I was a nobody, I didn’t stay too long” he offers on a track that builds the album into a fine climax.

Thankfully, Pop has not stayed away too long and still has a lust for life.

A brilliant return and a welcome surprise.