Graham Clark, Music Features Writer

Album Review: Lucky Sun - Balance

Lucky Sun Balance

Deep Love; Balance; Sunrise; Calling You In; Vocabolo Resano; Rain and Sunshine; BKLN; Return To Olive Street; Morning View; Sunset; Deep Outro.


Every now and again an album comes along that totally grips you. One for which you want to share the passion and enthusiasm you have with others. Such is the case with this sublime album from Lucky Sun.

Balance is the 2nd studio album from UK producer Lucky Sun (aka Tom Lown), featuring collaborations with vocalists Alison David (Red Snapper/Bugz In The Attic) and Frank H Carter III (YSE/Ivy Lab/Llorca).

The beauty of the album lies in the title Lucky Sun: the tracks contained here sound even better when the sky is cloudless and the hot sun beams down, though I have no doubt that they will still sound as good in dreary November as they do in scorching August.

The template here for the majority of the tracks is deep House music, whilst the genre might have been born in Chicago there is almost certainly a British sheen here, which recalls groups such as 4hero and to a lesser extent Massive Attack.

Balance appears to be all about life - balancing the rough with the smooth, the yin and the yang… It’s a timeless listening album which can beautifully soundtrack any moment of daydreaming, be it on the dance-floor or in the living room, maybe perhaps driving across the Pennines whilst a full moon shines like a beacon of hope lighting up the purple heather moors.

There is a mix of instrumental and vocal tracks, the latter sounding the better of the two. My only wish is that there were more vocal numbers as that is where the album really comes into a thing of pure beauty.

It kicks off with the summery vibe of Deep Love. It grooves from the start, sounding like a cross between Lovebirds and Crazy P, and opens up into a deep house masterpiece with soulful and Balearic leanings.

Alison David pours her positivity into the track with her unique fusion of spoken word and singing. Her lush vocals complement the song’s gently drifting strings and catchy synth lines, creating the cosiest of ear-worms. As a starter this whets the listeners appetite for the main course.

Sunrise, features a soulful and stunning vocal performance by Frank H Carter III. This punchy deep house tune transmits enough positivity and warmth to melt the coldest of hearts. It is one of those tracks you want to play again as soon as it has finished.

Rain and Sunshine is the album’s 3rd track featuring Alison David, and is already a staple on Ibiza. Alison delivers another memorable performance, locking in with the bass in the chorus to create a catchy, positive, uplifting track.

The mood created here reminds me of the one created by producer Trevor Horn with Grace Jones on Slave To The Rhythm: deep, moody and soulful.

“Winter, spring, summer, fall I know I have to face it all” David sings with a touch of sadness as the rain appears to be falling down, though the sun will soon appear from the clouds again when you hear this deep production.

One of the best discoveries of the year so far.