Graham Clark, Music Features Writer

Albums: Julian Lennon - Jude

Julian Lennon - Jude (BMG Records)
Save Me; Freedom; Every Little Moment; Not One Night; Love Don’t Let Me Down; Round and Round Again; Love Never Dies; Breathe; Lucky Ones; Stay; Gaia.

Catalogue Number: 558780572

After his 2011 album, Everything Changes, Julian Lennon did not plan on making another album but as time went on he found himself revisiting some songs he had written about thirty years ago and decided to update the production to make the track’s more relevant to today’s world. The creative process sparked new music as well which have evolved into this new studio album - Jude.

The title of the album is a reference to the Beatles’ iconic song Hey Jude written by Paul McCartney to cheer up a five year old Julian following his parents’ separation.

There are some interesting songs on this compelling album which has a personal feel to it - tracks such as Every Little Moment and also Freedom seem to speak about collective anxiety, whilst Stay - a beautiful ballad is about being there for someone who has mental health problems.

Elsewhere the piano driven song Breathe sees Lennon finding peace and balance in a time of emotional upheaval.

The closing track Gaia is a collaboration with Paul Buchanan and Elissa Lauder for a reworking of the instrumental Cables. The song is a poetic conversation between Mother Earth and humanity which seems to sum up the overall feeling of the album and tends to favour a soft rock production.