Jeremy Williams-Chalmers, Arts Correspondent

Sia Babez. I Cry When I Listen To Sir Cliff Richard

Sia Babez
Sia Babez
Seorsia Jack AKA ‘Sia Babez’ is an Irish/Zimbabwean solo female artist, born in 2001 in Dublin, Ireland.

Fast gaining a reputation in the music industry as being an exceptionally talented singer/songwriter, Sia has been working diligently on her new and upcoming EP ‘ Inception‘ which has been garnering the attention of various Grammy nominated Music Producers, A&R Executives and Management companies in USA, UK, Europe and Africa.

In just under 2 months she’s attracted notable attention from the leading commercial radio stations in Ireland including Rte 2fm, iRadio, 98FM, Fm104 and Spin 103.8. Reaching just under 2 million listeners in less than 2 months!

We caught up with her to find out what songs make her...


I smile when I listen to Time of our Life by Day 6, it’s such a cute, upbeat song and I love the way it makes me feel.


Jocelyn Flores by XXXTenaction makes me contemplate the meaning of life, and how fleeting it is. It’s sad but the lyrics really grab me.


I always cry without fail when I listen to Ocean Deep by Sir Cliff Richard. The song got me through a really sad time in my life when I was feeling really alone, so I can really identify with the lyrics.


I laugh when I listen to milkshake by Kelis lol it reminds me of when me and my sisters used to dress up in our kitchen and do mini concerts for our parents.

Want to work out: After Hours by M-22 and Kiara Nelson. It’s a very high energy song and it always gives me enough enough to work out.


When I hear Never go Back by Dennis Lloyd I reminisce about old toxic friendships I’d never go back to.


Listening to Red Town by a reggae group called Gentlemen calms me down and relaxes me. I love the island vibe of their songs.

Feel Determined

I feel determined when I hear fast car by Tracy Chapman because she talks about making a life for herself and her family and getting out of the place she’s in.


I always wanna dance when I listen to anything by burna boy, especially On the Low. He really has a way with catchy melodies.