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Rick Melling

The Kaptivators

Rick Melling, Features Writer

New Manchester record label and collective "Cul De Sac" had their launch event at the Fallow Café venue this week, where there was a sweet spread of local music (and falafel) being showcased.

Particularly eye-catching was a set by funk/soul/electro outfit The Kaptivators, which I stumbled onto on the way in.

A deliciously individual blend of driven rap, tight instrumentals and stellar vocals, The Kaptivators put on a vibrant, lively show not to be missed.

Vocalist Kev Harris confidently stands centre stage, a military cap brimming out over his eyes, putting out lyrics which are at once enthused, relatable and witty.

Susie Harris projects one of the most impressive vocal ranges I've seen in quite a while - her heightened sections provide a perfect contrast to Kev's rhythms, and are poignant, fluttering and radiant.

Completing the soundscapes there are bounding bass loops, cosmic melodics on guitar and fresh beats on the drums, all deftly written.

Particular standout are tracks "Midnight Sunshine", a sharply translucent tune interspersed with some munificent kinetics on guitar, and "Jagerbomb", a revved, bouncing track which indulges itself in the all-too-familiar Mancunian night out.

Venue music is something this collective know how to do right - and kicking dust up right through the show, they put on an energetic, eclectic performance which stands out stylistically from the rest.

This group had me ditch my mates until they'd finished their set - they are musically on point, certainly ones to watch live ... and a prime example of some of the gems in the Mancunian music scene at the minute.

The Kaptivators are playing Wigan Live Festival this Friday the 28th August, and are holding their EP launch night at splendid Chorlton's very own Mono on Friday 9th October.