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Rick Melling

The Echo and The Always
Go Easy On Me

Rick Melling, Features Writer

"Go easy on me; I'm not accustomed to the ways of the morning, after the phantom of the chase..." Yes, effervescent lover... such go the graceful choral lines of new single "Go Easy on Me", from Welsh 5-piece The Echo and The Always - a track I've fallen in love with since the as-yet-unknown-to-me group were thrust upon my schedule around a day ago.

The single, the first from their debut album "...and After That the Dark", is a wonderful piece of burning indie-glitter which flows seamlessly from start to finish. Fast paced, clean and cool, it is a radiant passage of sound which strikes all the right notes.

Leading melodies are all spot on with this one - an elegant, shimmering voice over a delicious electric hook, vocalist Laura Hancock's lyrics around romantic apprehension are interesting, poetic and relatable. Instrumentals and pace are gripping, too. The song drives through its time with both a power and a delicacy.

With musical comparisons for me hitting sweet spots including Best Coast, Blondie, Real Estate, The Cure and Purity Ring, The Echo and The Always, whilst maintaining their stylistic individuality, should surely realise some real potential with condensed, accessible numbers like this one.

I can also hear some capacity for some more electronic impulses here ... elements which this group could surely manage with some finesse.

A compelling and iridescent track, this is a sure-fire friend to the repeat button, and even haunted my dreams a little after I played it about a dozen times last night.

We anticipate the release of "...and After That the Dark", with hopes of some more of this, please.