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Scout Beck

Ones to Watch

Scout Beck, Editor

They've got The Damned, The Boomtown Rats and Less Than Jake on the bill, but who else should you catch at Blackpool's 2015 Rebellion Fest August 6 to 9?

The Talks

Thursday 12am, Arena

This Yorkshire band have made a swift and serious impact with their energetic, addictive floor fillers.

Their fresh punk ska releases have attracted a wave of fans and the swell continues to rise.

Last years 'Commoners, Peers, Drunks and Thieves' introduced them to a world ready to hear and they are truly not to be missed.

Fantastic The Talks interview here


Thursday 1am Empress Ballroom

Smashing the event off to a massive start will be an almighty performance from Misfits. Over 30 years on, the primal New Jersey punk rockers are still thrashing out their monster sound to a growing army of fiends. Not to be missed, the band are riding high on their wave of terror punk.

Pussycat Kill

Thursday 8.45pm New Band Stage

Thrashing their way through their set will be this Madrid four piece. Hypnotic vocals, driving rhythm and a fresh enough sound to mark them out, they are well chosen to perform at Rebellion and a band destined to play live. Ones to keep an eye on long term too.

Gang of Four

Friday 12.45am Pavilion

Gang of Four's jangling post punk made a mark when they formed in the 1970's with their outspoken voices and much-mimicked sound. Now the reformed Leeds group march on with constant reinvention as demonstrated in latest release 'What Happens Next'.

The Straps

Friday 2.55pm Casbah

South London DIY punks The Straps formed in 1977 split reformed split reformed and so on til their current line up. Bringing their 35 year punk credentials - they have some serious stories to tell - the band will thrash out a heady mix of old school and new.

Hugh Cornwell

Saturday 8.40pm Empress Ballroom

The singer, writer and guitarist from The Stranglers has been performing solo since he left the band in 1990. Eight albums on and his intelligent honed and original punk is gathering the audiences new and old it deserves.

More of Hugh Cornwell here

Louise Distras

Saturday 1.35pm Empress Ballroom

Friday 9.10pm acoustic set Almost Acoustic

It could only be the main stage for this punk protester who has excited and invigorated the scene with her raw vocals, outspoken passion and musical ability. With her voice and guitar as weapons she's floored her targets with the much anticipated debut 'Dreams From The Factory Floor' inciting an army of followers who stand in admiration of her talent. Not just one to watch here, she's one to watch anywhere you can.

Peter Perrett

Saturday 9pm Almost Acoustic

An opportunity to see the legendary Peter Perrett. Formerly of The Only Ones the enigmatic singer has survived years of punk debauchery to reinvent and reinvigorate his career. His distinctive voice still intact he'll offer a live performance to remember.

The Roughneck Riot

Sunday 7pm Pavilion

The brilliantly wired punk folk sound of The Roughneck Riot is a welcomed shock to the system. Shaking it up with their frantic and exhilarating melodic chaos, this Warrington band have launched into the 21st century with a fresh take and an energy that will attract new audiences whenever they play. Born to be seen live, this gig is an absolute must.

Read The Roughneck Riot interview here

The Membranes

Sunday 10.20pm Pavilion

Dark and generally defying definition The Membranes bring their genre melting sound to Blackpool. Having just released 'Dark Matter/Dark Energy' the band have taken their punk roots and expanded outwards to fuse heavy rhythms with fuzz and discord, creating a sound truly their own. See it to believe it.

Who else you can catch at the festival

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