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Rick Melling

Louis Barabbas
You Did This To Me

Rick Melling, Features Writer

Bedlam Six frontman Louis Barabbas is due to release a new single on the 18th September called You Did This to Me.

It's a stylistic deviation from other material, but, darling, it takes a lot to make a world.

The track, from fabulously-titled new album Gentle Songs of Ceaseless Horror rolls coolly over a funk-guitar loop, as Barabbas sings in a low register redolent of the dark story-telling styles of Lou Reed or Nick Cave.

Exuberant swing and theatrical numbers are what Barabbas has been known for previously, but Gentle Songs of Ceaseless Horrorprovides a glimpse into the 'malformed wordy afterbirths' which continue to emerge as the meanderings and offshoots of Bedlam Six ruminations.

It's on the whole a more relaxed but nonetheless inventive track which makes for a promising LP. Lyrics as ever are thoughtful and well-crafted, though they take on a more brooding quality, one which is passively and somewhat bitterly romantic, and which Barabbas carries off just fine.

With You Did This To Me in mind, we anticipate Gentle Songs, and whatever new directions Barabbas has to offer, in entirely good faith.