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Joshua Beck

Leeds Festival 2015
Pick of the Acts

Joshua Beck

The biggest event in Yorkshire is back, time to plan your must see bands for Leeds Festival. Here are some acts worth considering...


Friday NME/BBC Radio 1 Stage - 12pm

Self-described as "music from Jamaica in a London style" The Skints are not lacking in confidence. They're growing steadily and have made their voice heard. Imagine old school Ska, Reggae and Dub with hints of modern Grime and Hip Hop all at once...if that's a positive, then I recommend you start your festival right on Friday with this foursome.


Friday The Pit - 3.30pm

As a young UK pop-punk(ish) band, you can expect sadness lyrically and chaos musically. Their melodic power chords sprayed with spit-particle-punk vocals will have you talking about them for days. All it takes is one listen to 'I'll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time' and you will be hooked. Expect emotions.


Friday The Pit - 5.45pm

With Caleb Shomo on vocals (formerly of Attack Attack) we expected negative things, and criticism to come from the music industry. No. They surprised the hell out of us.

This five-piece band from the US have made their sound into many peoples ears using metal mixed with melodic one-note rhythms whilst complementing them with the catchiest of hooks.

They have now got the joy of pleasing the English crowd in sunny ol' Leeds. Bring earplugs.


Saturday Main Stage - 1pm

This Welsh Pop-Punk five piece will be entertaining you with summer ambience throughout their set. With the success of their debut album 'Wishful Thinking' behind them, we are expecting big things following the release of their second studio album, 'Life's Not Out To Get You'. With ADTR's own frontman Jeremy McKinnon in their production team, it will be hard to fault for pop-punk lovers.


Sunday Main Stage - 12pm

Fancy gaining some music culture? What about pop metal from Japan? It is just as good as it, well, sounds! This J-Pop/Metal band with weird ass dance moves and a rave-style light show are going to frazzle your mind with an once-in-a-lifetime show. Don't miss out!


Sunday Main Stage - 1.30pm

Yorkshire based Marmozets are England's answer to math-rock. I think I can speak for us all when I say we are excited for the careers of these two set of siblings. They are musically-gifted to their eyeballs and have a knack for throwing you riff to riff while piecing you with Becca's brilliantly refreshing vocals. If the intrigue of their name has already got you, expect some good ol' British on-stage attitude mid-Sunday afternoon.

And finally...


Sunday Main Stage - 9pm

When going to a festival they are only so many bands that can make you say 'I'm only here for the music'. This is certainly the case for the American metal powerhouses that are Metallica. Formed in 1981, this is the 34th year the band will make your ears tingle with James Hetfield's in-your-face vocals supported by Kirk Hammet, Robert Trujillo and Lars Ulrich - there won't be many chances to witness this super-group again.

If by Sunday afternoon your ears are ringing and you've run out of money (alcohol), then why not put your feet up and watch Kurt Cobain's: Montage of Heck over on the Alternate Stage at 4pm. Directed by his daughter, Frances Bean, this is a great insight into the man himself.

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