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Scout Beck

Jessica Clemmons
What if?

Scout Beck, Editor

Texan songstress Jessica Clemmons has taken on her hardest personal challenge to date with her soul-baring EP 'What If?'

The Houston singer had what she described as a 'lightbulb' moment following the success of 2012 album 'Loving this Day' and decided it was time to tell her own story musically.

'What If?' does just that. It's a collection of songs detailing a broken relationship in contemporary country style.

Clemmons has described herself as a pop/soul singer but this collection is a full embrace of her country roots.

She's also a big Celine Dion fan and it shows. Big vocals and catchy melodies fill the EP but she has her own powerful and sassy take.

Opening track 'Love Like That' and 'She Ain't Me' are sung with that kind of diva directness and confidence.

'Drunk on Me' is ballsy and tongue in cheek - if this is her wearing her heart on her sleeve then she's tougher than she looks.

But it's the title track that reveals the vulnerability she refers to - 'What if I open up and you don't want me?' Each word is heartfelt. It's a big ballad revealing her vocal power and skill.

'Single Tonight' shows what Clemmons can do with that Nashville influence. This is celebratory country pop. It's upbeat, cheeky and delivered with sass and flair:

'I'm single tonight/but I'm leaving without you.'

If this is a heartbreak album, she's strong and upbeat enough to sing with a wry smile at least.

More than holding her own as support for the Boyzone 20th anniversary tour, Jessica Clemmons has already made her mark with a big audience.

With 'What If?' she's established herself as an artist more than capable of taking the headline spot.