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Scout Beck

Humans As Ornaments
'When will this be enough?'

Scout Beck, Editor

Leeds four-piece Humans As Ornaments stream brand new track 'Stretched Thin' today with their full debut EP, 'When Will This Be Enough?' out next Friday.

The band have landed firmly with a convincing sound and this EP is a cohesive collection.

Rock heavy riffs and dominant drums define each track, allowing the confident vocals of front man Jack Byrne to alternate from angst to reflection.

Opening track 'Stretched Thin' is a storming introduction. Byrne's vocal strains over statement drumming 'I'm tired I'm sick, I'm stretched so thin' he keens over controlled rhythmic chaos.

'Padlocks' is melodic, the fervent pace and tempo shifts create a driven and moody song. Dark enough to rock, light enough to sing to, it's a slickly done track.

The atmospheric 'I Was Alone' is a shadowed meander through a troubled mind 'I was alone without a lover/ Wanna know how you could do that to another' punctuated by a deeply grungy bass and thunderous drums.

The EP closer, 'My Head' is another track heavy with fatigue. World-weary is a state the band are pretty skilled at expressing.

'When Will This Be Enough?' is a sharp debut of emotionally raw, fractured grunge. It would appear HAA have forged their own way through rock here, it's a path more than a few will strive to follow.

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