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Paul Stimpson

Gorilla Punch Radio
'No Retreat' interview

Paul Stimpson, Features Writer

Leeds rock band Gorilla Punch Radio are making quite an impression at the moment. Debut single No Retreat has picked up a fair bit of interest ahead of its release today.

The band itself was formed when former Titans Troubadours guitarist and singer Paul James left the band to pursue his own sound. Less than 12 months ago, Gorilla Punch Radio were formed when Stefan Gandhi, Mark Heppenstall and Elliott Vaughan joined Paul in his new direction.

Elliott Vaughan also produced the song, as he did with Frank Turner and Pulled Apart By Horses previously. His typically polished and perfectionist influence shows on the track.

We caught up with the band to discuss their writing process, working with Elliott Vaughan, and their plans after their single drops.

Thanks for taking the time to do this. How are you?

"Hello Chimeo, Paul James here, I'm great thank you!"

Can you talk us through the song writing process of No Retreat? It's smashing!

"The song writing process of 'No Retreat' involved pissing my neighbours off massively, but was well worth it! It started off with the riff which came to me pretty quickly. Then we jammed it and developed the drum parts, the structure took some tinkering but we got it right in the end."

What is it like working with Elliott Vaughan?

"Working with Elliot was great, he's totally laid back and easy about things and his mix just blew me away, he just took the song to another level sonically and captured the exact ferociousness of the song."

Any more plans for recording/releasing singles?

"We're currently demoing songs for an EP. It'll be a while before it's out, but I know it'll be well worth the wait!"

I can't help but think that the band would be really great live, are there shows in the pipeline?

"With this being our first and only song release it'd be a really short show haha, so we're going to focus on the EP and get a tour together in support of that, so in short, not just yet sorry."

Can you tell us about how the band got together?

"Well we formed out of several other bands, I left my old band Titan's Troubadours where I was the guitarist and decided to pursue my own writing/sound. Stefan used to play bass for Luva Gunk and I've known him for a while and so we decided to start up after that band faded and I found Elliot through a friend."

What's the thinking behind the name of the band?

"The band name was very simple, my friend Sam and I were in a bar and he looked at his phone and said "What does GPRS stand for?". The first words that came to mind were 'Gorilla Punch Radio Station' and after taking off the 'Station' part the name was made."

The song has themes of rebellion; will that be a trait of the band? Or can we expect a variety of song meanings?

"Yes rebellion is a part of the band, we're a rock band after all, there'll be more themes in other songs to come but yes rebellion is a big part."

Can you tell us about your influences? Musically and lyrically?

"Lyrically 'No Retreat' was inspired by a documentary I watched called 'I am Ali' about the boxer of course! After hearing his story of constantly standing up in the face of overwhelming odds even when the American government were against him, I decided to write a song with that theme in mind. Musically our inspiration comes from, Royal Blood, Muse, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Guns N' Roses and the like."

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