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Paul Stimpson

Future Talk

Paul Stimpson, Features Writer

Explosive Gloucestershire five piece band Future Talk have released their debut EP this week. ''The Path That Sadness Paved'' received a five star review from us earlier on in the summer with its incendiary choruses and tight knit instrumentation.

Lead single ''Sleeping Pills'' received some decent radio time from the likes of Alex Baker at Kerrang Radio and Ian Camfield at XFM. Driven by Alex Taylor's fantastic vocals, Future Talk arrived on the scene in scintillating style.

We caught up with the band to find out just what the future holds for Future Talk.

How is everything? Thanks for talking to us.

"Everything's brilliant thanks! Thank you for having us!"

Firstly, how did the band come together?

"We've all been in at least one previous band with another member so when it came to starting this project it was just a case of mixing and matching from the past."

Where did the name Future Talk come from?

"It's a product of weeks of awful name suggestions. We settled on FT because we felt is suited the direction we intended to head in, as well as being a cheesy attempt at forecasting our own longevity by insinuating that we'll be the 'talk of the future'."

I like the melodic rock style you guys have, but I really like the subtle ambience in the songs- what influenced you to write the songs you have?

"Thank you, we're glad you dig it! As a collective, we have a broad spectrum when it comes to musical taste. We wanted to find a sound that captures the huge energy of rock music with the occasional dynamic juxtaposition of more chilled out, ambient sounds. It's something that we plan to build upon in the future, for sure."

We've heard the EP, but what can you tell the readers about it?

"The Path That Sadness Paved is a melodically illustrated documentation of a very personal struggle with sadness. It's a four track journey that takes you through the different stages of dealing with depression in an sincere and open way but ultimately having an uplifting message. It's musically powerful and very honest lyrically."

Can you tell us about the song writing process?

"Normally Jay puts together the structure of the song on a home demoing rig and then it's down to the other guys to make the needed improvements to turn it into the finished product."

We can try to work out what the songs mean on the EP, but can you give us an official insight?

"We don't want to reveal too much, as we don't want to ruin the meanings for people, but here's a small summary for each song:

Sleeping Pills- Represents the internal tug of war you endure when you're at your lowest. Using sleep as a metaphor, it's schizophrenic structure symbolises two attitudes towards mortality within one mind.

Shadow Poet- A song that deals with the realisation that those who try to make you feel guilty for being who you are not actually better off than you when they change who they are to fit in.

The Cliffs As A Reminder- As personal and self-indulgent as depression may seem, it's also hell for your loved ones. This song is an apology and a thank you to one person in particular for sticking around and enduring.

Fear Life- Dealing with the desperation and confusion that accompanies sadness, this song concludes the journey with the line, "You're why I never did".

"This line signifies the message that we want to get across with this EP, and that is that no matter how bad things get, you're strong enough to find a reason to carry on the fight & someday you'll be able to look back & know that you made it out."

Where do Future Talk go from here? Another release a few months down the line or head out on the road?

"The operative word in the FT camp at the moment is "tour". We're working hard to get as many sorted for the rest of the year. Hopefully we'll have some announcements soon!"

Where do you hope to see yourselves a year down the line?

"Maybe headlining Wembley...just kidding. We just want to see a notable progression. Hopefully with a fair few tours under our belts and a promising future to aim for."

What are you most proud of so far?

"We've been together just over twelve months and we already have four songs out there with four more on the way, as well as two music videos. We're quite proud of how much content we've managed to put together in that amount of time and the improvement we've made is already filling us with hope for the future."

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