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Scout Beck

Frank Turner

Scout Beck, Editor

We've heard him angry with band Million Dead, down and doubting on last album 'Tape Deck Heart', now UK singer/songwriter Frank Turner promises optimism with sixth studio album "Positive songs for Negative People" out August 7.

'Mittens' is the latest release ahead of the album, and though not exactly exalting, it's simple melody and sweeping scale of a chorus is uplifting in a Frank Turner kind of way - he's still sounds defiant with a hint of wanting more.

'We used to fit like mittens but never like gloves' he sings. It's simple and catchy, a line you'll find sticks with you. And there is something feel-good about the rise and the fall of the track, the harmonies and purer sound.

It bodes really well for the album that has been recorded live. It promises the energy of a debut and a reinvigorated sound.

"I wanted to try and make a record with that young, exciting feel." Frank said. It's looking like he has.

Not content with just working towards the upcoming album release, Frank has also embarked on a project with Shazam that will bring music and images together for the very first time with Shazam's new visual recognition technology. Fans who find Shazam Frank Turner lyric posters across the UK will be able to access an exclusive stream of two new songs 'Love Forty Down' and 'The Angel Islington'.

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