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Paul Stimpson

Cut Ribbons
'Because The Night' + Album review

Paul Stimpson, Features Writer

Welsh Indie-Synth band Cut Ribbons have celebrated the release of their debut album, We Want To Watch Something We Loved Burn, by streaming a flawless cover of a Patti Smith classic.

An amalgamation of 80s pop and modern indie music, Cut Ribbons have every right to be celebrating their debut record release.

The title track of the album is arguably the highlight of the record - it is an instant pop anthem. Lluan and Aled's heavenly vocals stand out immeasurably, particularly midway through the song.

Intricate guitar riffs weave in and out of this classic tune - while the drums and synths provide a strong backbone.

Second trackClouds, is another single that tells the complete story of Cut Ribbons' sound.

Unforgivingly catchy, it is the vocals again that give this band their panache. Lluan and Aled compliment in a mesmerising way.

In In The Rain the vocals are separated and verses are traded. They then come together emphatically for the chorus with some hard hitting drumming that really give this track an epic finish.

Bound In Love is the penultimate track, and arguably the best. Lluan takes charge of the vocals, with Aled now providing the sweet, subtle harmonies in the background.

This track features more guitar than usual for Cut Ribbons, but this is no negative as the symbol splashes and guitars echo with reverb - it almost becomes an ambient song.

Their cover of Patti Smith, inspired after seeing the legend herself at Field Day festival, has their subtle slant on it but still maintains the haunting integrity of the original.

Cut Ribbons debut album We Want To Watch Something We Loved Burn is out now via Kissability.

You can catch them on tour:

4th Sept - Festival Number 6, Portmeirion
12th Sept - The Big Cwtch, Crugybar
Sept 26th - Underground Festival, Gloucester